• Why Tuck?

    What makes Tuck different from the other top business schools is its remarkable level of engagement. Before I came here, I had an opportunity to talk to a few alums, and they were so willing to help me out that I remember thinking, “I’m not even a member of the community yet and they’re willing to devote so much time—imagine what it will be like if I do become a part of the community.” That was validated when I came here—Tuck becomes such a personalized experience where each professor, each classmate, each alumn is committed to your success.

    An International Perspective

    Tuck does so much to ensure that international students have a great experience, feel at ease, and get the most out of being here. Tuck’s Career Development Office runs special programs to train international students for the recruitment process. Our Quality of Life Committee comes up with various programs so that international students are well integrated into the community. It sounds trivial, but the number of international parties we have at Tuck—Brazilian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean—helps keep everyone engaged.

    A Global Community

    The Tuck Global Consultancy has been one of the biggest highlights of my Tuck experience. I had the opportunity to go back to India with five of my classmates, four of whom had never been there before. We helped a client understand the economics and operational challenges of setting-up a dairy processing plant in southern India. It was a great experience to show Tuck students around my own country.

    Never-Ending Support

    I feel so prepared to take my next professional step because of the rigor and scope of the Tuck curriculum as well as the richness of my classmates and their experiences. The electives here are really tailored well to whatever field you want to enter: consultancy, banking, nonprofit, tech, retail, anything. The incredible access to professors, both in the classroom and out, and the team environment among classmates provides for a great mentorship experience.


      Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, New Delhi, Bachelor of Engineering, 2007


      Evalueserve, India, research associate, 2007-08; ICF Consulting, Virginia/New Delhi, India, associate, 2008-12


      Advanced Competitive Strategy


      Tuck Ambassador Program; Tuck Follies; Tuck South Asia Club; Tuck General Management Club


      Entrepreneurial First-Year Project pitching a business plan to develop a web platform (TeachMe.com), where users wanting to learn a new skill connect with users willing to teach the skill.


      Tuck Global Consultancy project assisting an American client on the economics and operational challenges of setting up a UHT dairy processing plant in southern India.


      Amazon.com, Seattle, Wash., retail leadership development intern


      Sally Jaeger, assistant dean and director, MBA program


      Microsoft, Seattle, Wash., program manager


      Tuck broadened my perspective and provided me the technical tools to analyze the impact of business decisions in a global business environment.

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