Merrill D. Matthews III T'14

“It’s been eye opening to go through the personal leadership development plan, getting feedback not just from your boss but from a range of peers…”

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Why Tuck?

I chose the submarine force for its small, team oriented work. You really bond as a team when you’re doing missions or running drills. You rely on everyone on the boat to get you through tough situations and you have to trust everyone completely. Tuck seemed like a perfect extension of that, with the small group work and the intimate setting.


In the military, much of the leadership is transactional—“Do what I say.” At Tuck, there’s more emphasis on transformational leadership in the gray areas where you don’t have chain-of-command authority. That’s been a valuable perspective. It’s also been eye opening to go through the personal leadership development plan, getting feedback not just from your boss but from a range of peers and colleagues.

Life at Tuck

I live in the residence halls and really enjoy it. Having neighbors is great and ensures there is never a dull moment. Working on assignments, it’s nice to go down the hall and discuss with friends. Living on campus feeds directly into the collaborative nature of the campus. Growing up, I always wanted to play hockey and Tuck has given me the opportunity to play in the school-wide, intramural hockey league. It is a great way to get to know people at Tuck outside of the classroom and builds upon the school’s emphasis on teamwork.

  • Prior Education

    U.S. Naval Academy, BS, economics

  • Prior Employment

    U.S. Navy, submarine officer

  • Tuck Electives

    Structuring Mergers and Acquisitions; Financial Statement Interpretation and Analysis

  • Activities

    Tuck Finance Club; Private Equity & Venture Capital Club; Tuck Armed Forces Alumni Association; Tripod Hockey; Tuck Rowing Club

  • Experiential Learning

    First-Year Project to help a Canadian mining company deal with market sizing, competition, business viability, and corporate governance

  • Global Experiences

    Japan Trek 2013, including travels to Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo

  • Key Tuck Encounters

    Visiting speakers, including David Leuschen D'73, T'77, co-founder and managing director of Riverstone Holdings; Cliff Asnes, managing and founding partner of AQR Capital Management; and Polaris Venture Partners' co-founder and managing general partner Terry McGuire Th'82

  • Summer Internship

     Barclays Capital, Investment Banking Division

  • After Tuck

    Barclays Capital, Investment Banking Division

  • My Tuck Transformation

    Tuck has provided lifelong friendships, allowed for personal exploration, and challenged me academically.

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