Michaela L. LeBlanc T'15

“Conversations at Tuck are approached from a global perspective.”

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Why Tuck?

I chose Tuck because I was looking for a smaller MBA program after having a great experience at a small liberal arts school for my undergrad. Plus, after living in Hong Kong for three and a half years and in New York for two years before that, I was ready for some green space. The other aspect of Tuck that was a huge draw was its community feel, especially since I was planning to attend with my partner, Christopher Weber T’15. We both felt that Tuck had the most welcoming feel for couples seeking to complete their MBA together.

A Partnership

Having a Tuck partner in the MBA program is amazing—Christopher is my in-house cheerleader and accounting tutor all rolled into one. Tuck keeps us busy with school and outside activities, but also allows for amazing time luxuries like a midday bicycle ride or the ability to host a Small Group Dinner on a weeknight. We live off-campus in a house owned by a T’04 and have enjoyed all the trappings of semi-rural life, including seeing deer in our yard, meeting our neighbor’s chickens, and even shoveling the driveway in the winter.

Investing in the Future

Tuck has a strong group of students committed to pursuing a career in investment management. I’ve been able to take steps toward my goal of entering that field by becoming active in the Tuck Investment Club, participating in MBA stock pitch competitions, and taking a leadership position with Tuck’s student investment fund, Tuck Asset Management.

Success On A Global Stage

Before Tuck, I felt I had more international experience than many peers. Little did I expect that I would connect with so many students who have had fascinating experiences abroad, from serving in the Foreign Service in Botswana to working in Egypt to planning social impact investments in Palestine.


    Smith College, BA, 2007


    Fulbright Teaching Fellow, Saarbrücken, Germany; Banc of America Securities, New York, N.Y., analyst, research sales; Pacific Epoch China Research, analyst/associate, institutional sales; J.P. Morgan, Hong Kong, associate/vp, institutional equity sales, Asia ex-Japan


    Seminar on Hedge Funds


    Asset Management; Investment Club, co-chair and portfolio manager; Cornell Stock Pitch Showcase, captain; UCLA Stock Pitch Competition, captain; Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Competition; Ivey School Investing Competition; Women In Business; Smart Woman Securities, mentor


    First-Year Project working on fellow T’15’s business idea for an online cooking school and pantry-stocking service


    Goldman Sachs, New York, N.Y., summer associate in private wealth management


    Seventh Generation CEO John Replogle D’88; Russell Wolff T’94, executive vice president and managing director, ESPN International


    I came to Tuck looking to make a career change within finance. The opportunities available here—connecting with alums, participating in pitch competitions, and learning from classmates—have been extraordinary in helping me achieve my goals.

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