Pace Ralli T'09

“Tuck showed me that I was capable and that my goal was possible.”

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Why Tuck?

My goal at Tuck has been to venture in the energy industry and work on projects of transformational scope. Tuck let me benchmark myself and my vision, to know that I was capable and that the goal was possible. In addition to providing me with a solid management foundation, Tuck encouraged me seek out independent projects, ‘play in the sandbox,’ and explore the full realm of possibility. I worked with a startup in energy storage, consulted for a wind-energy company, and, in my First-Year Project with EnerNOC, dove headfirst into the national electricity market. Whatever the field, you can always find classmates who share the same passion. I’ve never been surrounded by so many impressive individuals. In every way, Tuck had the curriculum, resources, and scale to let me find the best personal path and optimize my exposure to the future.

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