• Opportunities for self-reflection

    What I was looking for from Tuck was more knowledge of myself and my leadership style. Through the leadership curriculum, which included sending surveys to my former supervisors and clients, I learned that I’m able to manage several counter-parties at the same time, and lead teams without pressuring people. The downside is that I lacked somewhat in assertiveness. This is something I wouldn’t have discovered on my own, and I’ve been able to work on it. There are endless opportunities for self-reflection and learning at Tuck, whether it’s in class, as part of a team in the First-Year Project, in a club, or just helping out the incoming students.

    • Prior Education

      Tulane University, study abroad; Paris Business College/MBA Institute, BS, 2006

    • Prior Employment

      New Harbor, Inc., associate, M&A

    • Tuck Electives

      Leadership in the Global Economy; Leadership Out of the Box; Advanced Competitive Strategy; Economics of the Credit Crisis Research to Practice Seminar

    • Activities

      Women in Business; Finance Club, chair; Tripod Hockey, Tuck Wine Club; Glen Tuck; Tuck Follies; Revers Board Fellow

    • Experiential Learning

      First-Year Project to construct $300 house in India

    • Global Experiences

      Travels to France, Canada, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil

    • Summer Internship

      J.P. Morgan, New York, N.Y (natural resources)

    • Key Tuck Encounters

      Case studies with major Fortune 500 CEOs in Professor Richard D’Aveni’s course; dinners at faculty members’ homes

    • After Tuck

      J.P. Morgan, associate, M&A, New York, N.Y.

    • My Tuck Transformation

      A fantastic two years where I was provided with learning opportunities, chances to broaden my horizons, a supportive community, and a network for life.

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