Stephanie C. O’Brien T'14

“I feel like a better version of myself having been through two years here.”

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Why Tuck?

When I applied, I knew very little about business school but a fair amount about leadership development. I thought Tuck would be a place where I’d learn even more about what it meant to be a leader. Tuck does a really great job giving students the opportunity to lead—it’s a place where the students shape the school.

Women In Business

When I came to Tuck, you just didn’t seem to hear female voices as often as you heard male voices and perspectives, and not just in the classroom, but also in terms of CEOs who came to campus, the ratio of male to female professors, and so on. That’s why my dear friend and colleague Mo Gartner T’14 and I, along with assistant dean Sally Jaeger and Erin Tunnicliffe T’97, executive director of development, formed the Tuck Initiative for Women. Mo and I felt incredibly supported to take on a big vision.

Paying It Forward

Knowing that I played a part in making the Tuck experience better for women feels amazing. The Women in Business breakfast at Admitted Students Weekend was emotional for me—I remembered sitting there as a prospective student two years ago and it really drove the point home that a lot of incredible things have happened since that time. There are also amazing women who will continue this work.


I came to Tuck feeling as though I had a strong sense of myself, but the first year at Tuck is intense and I realized I still had a lot of self-discovery to do so that I could continue to build my self-awareness and self-confidence. This spring, I feel as though I’ve come full circle. I’ve come back to feeling confident, proud of myself, excited about the future, and positive about the Tuck community. But all of those things have been bumped up 10 notches. Tuck pushed me to think about everything I take for granted about myself and reexamine it. I feel like a better version of myself having been through two years here.


    Wesleyan University, BA, 2008


    Girls on the Run of New Orleans, founder and executive director; International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement, New Orleans, La., program coordinator; Tulane University/Catholic Charities, New Orleans, La., community-university liaison


    Firms and Trade Policy; Leadership in the Global Economy


    Tuck Women in Business, president; Tuck Initiative for Women; Forte Fellow; Center for Leadership, fellow; Business & Society Conference; triathlon club; yoga teacher


    First-Year Project with Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Tour Company on growth strategy


    Tuck Global Consultancy with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition in Delhi and Rajasthan, India


    Adobe, San Jose, Calif., people resources, learning and development


    Writing a strategy case study on for-profit education with associate professor Giovanni Gavetti; creating a vision for the Tuck Initiative for Women with Mo Gartner T’14, Sally Jaeger, and Erin Tunnicliffe T’97


    Tuck has given me a much broader perspective of what it means to find purpose and make a positive contribution through career choice.

  • After Tuck

    Strategy and Leadership Development Consultant for The Trium Group in San Francisco

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