• Why Tuck?

    I wanted an international career since I was a teenager. Everything—lawyer, international prosecutor, grad student—has been about this. But my ultimate entrée will be business, with its tremendous influence, transparency, and potential to get things done. I did the metrics on MBA programs: Tuck’s size (I’ve had the 2,000-person class experience), its network (who needs an alumnus president you can’t call?), its access (recruiters love this school!) all add up. And for me in particular, it’s Tuck’s strong analytics, modeling, and quants. But more than anything, Tuck has a vibe that’s completely different from other schools. It’s all about individual development here. Tuck wants
    you to succeed as a person.

    • Prior Education

      McGill University, BCL/LLB, 2004; Kennedy School, Harvard University, MPP, 2008

    • Prior Employment

      McCarthy Tetrault (barristers and solicitors), associate, Montreal, 2002-04; International Criminal Court, professional consultant, The Hague, 2004; Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe/Kosovo Law Centre, project assistant officer, Pristina, 2005-06

    • Tuck Electives

      Decision Science; Issues in Health Care; every course taught by professors Matt Slaughter, Steve Powell, and Vijay Govindarajan

    • Activities

      Student Judicial Board, Tuck Consulting Club

    • Experiential Learning

      Global health related independent studies

    • Global Experiences

      Travels across Europe and Africa

    • Summer Internship

      McKinsey & Co., Montreal, Quebec

    • Key Encounters

       Administrators Betsy Winslow, Sally Jaeger, and the entire Career Development Office

    • After Tuck

      McKinsey & Co., Montreal, Quebec, engagement manager

    • My Tuck Transformation

      The ability to live up to the Tuck spirit everywhere—never settling, but always showing humility

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