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Innovation In A Reset World

In a recent Forbes article, I suggest that for companies to succeed in the new order, our "reset" world, they must invest in the future.

Here are three characteristics of this "reset" world:

1) Corporate reputation is at an all-time low
Not a day goes by without an article written about excessive executive bonuses, or how consumers are short-changed, or how stockholder interests are compromised.

2) The global development map has been reversed
Developing countries are likely to provide plenty of opportunities for growth, while the developed countries experience slow growth.

3) The government as investor
Government has become a key investor, a lender, a customer, a strategic partner and a regulator.

Of course, I ask companies to pay attention to the three box strategy.

I recommend that companies spend time and attention on all three boxes, particularly Box 2 and 3. While your strategy should aim for leadership in the year 2020, strategy is not about what a company has to do in 2020. It is about the projects the company has to implement now, across all three boxes, in order to remain relevant for the next 10 years.


I believe the best case for innovation is the fact that without innovations, human civilization would not have come this far and no organization can go any far forward without it

Innovation is a child of the faith that whatever we can do, we can do better. Within an organization better would mean creating more values for which the customer is willing to pay more or producing the same level of values with lesser effort and resource use

However, it is not possible to walk the path of innovation half heartedly. It requires some strong beliefs to succeed with innovation.

Credo 1

" I have the fundamental right to make my share of mistakes"

Credo 2

" The worst of all fears is the fear to ask questions"

Credo 3

"Ask the Right questions and You shall get the answers"

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