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Introducing: Vijay Govindarajan's Innovation Quarterly

Register here for Vijay Govindarajan's Innovation Quarterly - "next practices in innovation and execution in a reset world."

The overarching purpose of Vijay Govindarajan's Innovation Quarterly is to build and sustain a community of executives and academics who are deeply passionate about innovation and execution in a reset world. Specifically, we will seek to:

• Discuss the business impact of innovation, with an emphasis on execution

• Examine the strategic alternatives available to executives in specific industries- i.e., how are business models going to change?

• Explore recommendations for "disciplined innovation"

• Define and understand the critical factors that contribute to improving the chances of success

• Encourage discussions of lessons learned based on interviews and conversations with CEOs and senior innovation leaders

• Explore and discuss VG's 3-box strategic framework for innovation and execution

In essence, we’re here to help you challenge traditional industry assumptions that are no longer valid. Will you join the conversation?