Industry Treks

Throughout the year, the Career Development Office and Tuck's student-run career clubs schedule trips to industry hubs across the U.S. and abroad to meet with leading companies. The Finance Club's annual trip to Wall Street, the Technology Club's travels to high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, and trips abroad to London and Hong Kong are just a few examples of Tuck club treks.

Collectively, these treks are an excellent opportunity for students to network with firms for summer internships and full-time jobs, as well as provide a great opportunity for students to learn about the differences between firms, and to start to get a better understanding of each firm’s culture.  Read below for highlights on just a few of the past industry treks.

Consulting Trek
Each year in the break between Fall A and Fall B terms, the student consulting club organizes a trek to Boston to allow students to visit the offices of a large number of consulting firms. Office visits usually involve a presentation, perhaps including details of a typical case or a ‘Day in the life’, an office tour, and if time permits either lunch or cocktails. Many students cite the trek as instrumental in their learning process about the firms.


Wall Street Trek
In early October, first year students travel to New York to meet with Investment Banks in order to learn more about their business lines and career paths. Visits can range from formal presentations or round table discussions to evening cocktail receptions. It is a wonderful way to meet Tuck alumni who work at the banks, learn more about each firms’ individual culture, and decide if a career on Wall Street is something they choose to pursue. Because so many first year students are “career switchers” it is beneficial to meet with the banks in order to make an informed career choice.


West Coast Trek
Each year in December Tuck student travel to San Francisco and Seattle after classes end. In 2012 about 60 students visited 27 companies in different industries during the trek. Some companies include: OPower, McKinsey, BCG, Starbucks, GAP, Genentech, Facebook, and Google.


Investment Management Day on the Job
Each Fall Fidelity, Wellington, and  Putnam invite Tuck students to visit them for a day in Boston. The firms collaborate with each other and each visit provides a different learning opportunity. One firm will host a stock pitch exercise, another a presentation and lunch, and the last a portfolio construction exercise. This helps students to prepare for interviews and gives them a chance to meet with Tuck alumni in various roles within each organization.


International Treks
International treks are student planned and can target any region or industry. In the past few years, students have visited London, Hong Kong, Toronto, and Dubai.

During the Thanksgiving break Tuck students travel to London to visit a variety of firms. Some company visits are Tuck specific, and for others we join students from other US Business Schools also on treks. This year we visited major consulting firms, investment banks, and corporations including Google and British Telecom. Meeting recruiters in person improves a student’s candidacy and this is a wonderful way to build their network. Tuck students have received offers in London as a result of the  trek.

Students interested in careers in Asia participate in the annual Hong Kong Trek which occurs during the Thanksgiving break. Traditionally this has been a “finance” focused trip, with visits to investment and international commercial banks, but that is a function of student interest. Students have also done smaller treks to other Asian regions including Singapore and China.


Marketing Trek
Each year in early October students spend several days in New York meeting with firms who have robust marketing initiatives, from B2B to digital, and who hire MBAs. This is the first formal marketing trek of the year, but others follow throughout the course of the year to other cities that are targeted by students.