Company Briefings

Company Briefings

Company briefings are 50-minute information sessions intended to educate Tuck students about your company, its people, your recruiting efforts, and internship and career opportunities within your organization. Please choose the format that you feel will best communicate information about your firm (PowerPoint slides, video, speaker, case study). We recommend that you allocate ample time within the 50 minutes for questions and answers. Company briefings can be scheduled at 12:10 PM or 5:10 PM. There is a $100 fee for all company briefings to cover the use of facilities and audiovisual equipment. 

Open Exchanges and Receptions

Students appreciate having the opportunity to connect one-on-one or in small groups following your presentation.  For this reason, we’ll arrange an open exchange – an informal gathering immediately following your presentation. Following evening briefings, some companies choose to hold a reception in lieu of an open exchange.  If you would like to host a reception on campus, please let us know and we can help arrange all the details.

We are happy to set up additional events on your briefing day. Refer to our Recruiting Event Options for information on the other types of events available at Tuck.

Audiovisual Equipment

All classrooms are equipped to show PowerPoint presentations and for the use of video and sound.  Each room has a computer so it is not necessary to bring a laptop, though if you choose to it can be connected directly to the LCD projector.  Those using Mac laptops should be sure to bring the VGA adaptor cable that came with the Mac.  Because not all laptops are compatible with our projectors, we recommend also bringing a backup copy on a flash drive, or having it accessible via the web.  If you are unable to bring a copy of your presentation, please email it to us at least 24 hours in advance.

If you are running any recent iteration of the Microsoft Windows operating system and have an available USB port, a wireless controller can be used to advance slides remotely.

Please use the Audiovisual form to request any additional equipment.