Plan Your Visit


When you arrive at Tuck, please check in with us at the Career Development Office. We're located at 120 Murdough Center, next to the Feldberg Library. The Murdough Center is the large brick and black glass building at the end of Tuck Drive.

For more information see directions to our campus.


This is a short selection of places to stay in Hanover. All are within walking distance to Tuck. For a full listing, please visit the Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce website.

Hanover Inn - Dartmouth's own hotel, offering modern services and amenities.

Six South St Hotel - a new contemporary boutique hotel.

Buchanan - A former dormitory converted to an on-campus hotel. Modern, clean rooms and located right on campus. Please contact the Career Development Office for availability.


As with many schools, parking is a challenge here at Tuck. If you are staying in town, we suggest walking to Tuck if possible. Ask your hotel if they are able to offer a shuttle service to campus.

Try to find a spot in one of the areas indicated in pink in the below campus map.  Visitors may park in these lots as long as they have a valid parking pass displayed on their dashboard. If you park in one of the satellite lots of Dewey or Thompson, the Dartmouth-Downtown shuttle runs from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and will take you to Tuck. We will email a copy of the visitor pass a few days before your visit.

While there are a few reserved parking spots at Tuck, these spaces are extremely limited.  If you have not been assigned a spot number in advance, please do not park in one of these spaces in Tuck Circle.

Shipping Materials in Advance

If you plan to have promotional materials at your briefing, you may ship them ahead of time to our office and we will hold them for your arrival. Please make sure your firm's representatives who will be attending the briefing know that there are materials to be picked up. If you will need anything shipped back, please provide a pre-paid return shipping label and we will have them mailed back to you.

Promotional materials may be shipped to the following address:

Career Development Office
Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
120 Murdough Center, Tuck Drive
Hanover, NH 03755


The Career Development Office publicizes events via an online student calendar as well as in a weekly email. You may wish to supplement the publicity for your event in the following ways.

Contact Students Directly
If you would like to send us a virtual flyer or one paragraph text promoting your event, we can share it with students or specific groups on your behalf.

You may provide the Career Development Office with a poster to be hung in the student mailroom.  You may also provide us with a virtual poster that we will publicize on Tuck TV. Virtual posters should be sent as jpegs or gifs with 4:3 dimensions.

We regret that we are not able to deliver flyers directly to student mailboxes, but we will gladly place a stack in the student mailroom. You may contact clubs directly about distributing materials to student mailboxes.


Big Yellow Taxi

Big Yellow Limo Service

North Country Shuttle Service

Reservations should be made with taxi companies well advance.  If flying into the Lebanon Airport, please remember that it is a very small regional airport, and as a result taxis do not wait there, so will need to be called in advance.

Local Restaurants

Whether your visit includes a team dinner in town or an off-campus networking event with students, below is a list of local restaurants you may enjoy. All are within walking distance of Tuck.


Not walking distance from Tuck, but within a short drive, other popular restaurants include: