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Erin Mansur

Revers Professor of Business Administration; Faculty Director, Revers Center for Energy

Erin Mansur is an economist whose research focuses on topics of energy economics, environmental economics, and industrial organization. He teaches classes on energy economics. Current research examines the labor market implications of hydrofracturing, the environmental effects of electric cars, how natural gas prices affect electricity markets, and how mergers affect competition in electricity markets. He is also a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

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Andrew A. King

Professor of Business Administration

Professor Andrew A. King conducts research on a number of topics related to business strategy. He is well known for his publications on business and the natural environment but he believes that his biggest impact has been as a mentor and advisor. His students are now distinguished academics and leaders at top institutions throughout the world.

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Anant K. Sundaram

Clinical Professor of Business Administration

Anant Sundaram teaches Corporate Valuation and Business and Climate Change at Tuck. His areas of expertise are business valuation, M&A, corporate governance, and financial strategies for profitable growth.

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Blair Crichton T’18

Blair is a first-year student at Tuck, where he is a Revers Center for Energy student fellow. Prior to Tuck, he spent 6 years with HSBC as a member of the Bank’s International Management program, primarily in corporate banking. He worked in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and New York. Blair is passionate about clean-tech and over the summer will work for Impossible Foods. Blair is also co-chair of Tuck Sustains and captain of the Rugby Club. He holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from The University of Durham and a MPhil in Chinese Studies from The University of Cambridge.

Angel Fernandez Amores T’18

Angel is finishing his first year at Tuck, where he is a Revers Center for Energy student fellow. Prior to Tuck, he spent 4 years consulting as a part of PwC Spain’s Energy and Utilities practice. He worked primarily in power and natural gas regulation as well as in risk management and capital allocation within oil and gas. As a member of an industry specific team, he also formed part of cross-functional teams to deliver the best outcomes in M&A due diligence and corporate valuation projects. During his last stint prior to Tuck, Angel was product manager at a power retail startup in Madrid, working closely with his trading, IT, operations and marketing colleagues. Over the summer Angel will work with Norwich Technologies on Project Finance & Corporate Development projects. He holds a masters degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid.

Katrina Goulden T’18

Katrina is a first-year student at Tuck, where she is a Revers Center for Energy student fellow. At Tuck, she has worked with New Energy Capital on a Greenhouse Gas impact reporting project and gained first-hand insight into the renewables industry. Prior to Tuck, she worked as a strategy consultant with Deloitte Consulting based in Washington, DC where she worked with Federal and State government agencies. Over the summer, Katrina will be interning in a strategy and analytics role with Thomson Reuters in London. After Tuck, Katrina plans to return to Deloitte Consulting within their sustainability practice. Katrina is also co-chair of Tuck Sustains and is passionate about making Tuck a greener campus. She holds a BSBA in Business Administration with a double major in Leadership Studies from the University of Richmond.

Josh Hotvet T’18

Josh is a T’18 and a student fellow at the Revers Center for Energy at Tuck. Prior to Tuck, he served more than ten years in active service with the United States Marine Corps. During the summer, Josh will work on the development operations team at Cypress Creek Renewables, working to develop utility-scale solar generation projects throughout the United States. Josh is also the co-chair of the newly-founded Tuck Energy Club. He completed his undergraduate degree in Economics at the State University of New York at Oswego.

Steve Kelly T’18

Steve is a first-year student at Tuck where he is a Revers Center for Energy student fellow. Prior to Tuck, he served as a United States Navy Officer forward deployed to a destroyer homeported in Yokosuka, Japan. Over the summer, Steve was a summer associate at Citigroup, in their San Francisco office where he focused on investment banking. Steve is also a fellow in the Alan Smith D’52 T’53 Visiting Executive Program and co-chair of the Tuck Energy Club. He holds a BS in Accounting from the University of Florida and a Master of Tax Accounting from the University of Alabama.

Taylor McMaster T’18

Taylor is a first-year student at Tuck and a current Revers Center for Energy student fellow. Prior to business school, Taylor served in the United States Army for ten years. After exiting the Army, Taylor worked and continues to work as an entrepreneur in real estate development in southern New Hampshire and Maine. During the summer between his first and second years, Taylor will work in project management and business development for Agilitas Capital, a boutique Private Equity firm focused on solar energy and real estate development in the northeast. At Tuck, Taylor is also a member of the Armed Forces Alumni Association and co-chair of the Real Estate Club. On the personal side, Taylor is married and is the proud father of two young boys. He holds a BA in Political Science from the University of New Hampshire.

Ryan Nielson T’18

Ryan is a first-year student at Tuck, where he is a Revers Center for Energy student fellow. Prior to Tuck, he spent 5 years with the United States Navy as a Nuclear Power Research Project Officer in Washington, D.C. Ryan was responsible for reactor design, maintenance, operation, and disposal in Los Angeles Class submarines. Over the summer Ryan will work in middle-market industrial and manufacturing private equity at Tuckerman Capital in Hanover, NH. Ryan is also co-chair of the Tuck Outdoors Club. Ryan holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University and a M.E. in Nuclear Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

Kyle Stramara T’18

Kyle is a first-year student at Tuck, where he is a Revers Center for Energy student fellow. Prior to business school, he was an aviation officer in the U.S. Army, where he was involved in a wide range of aviation operations with regional focus in Europe. Over the summer, Kyle will remain in the Upper Valley and focus on Dartmouth College energy efficiency research. After Tuck, Kyle will return to the United States Military Academy as an instructor in the economics department. Kyle enjoys spending all of his free time with his loving wife, Carmen, and two children, Coen and Finley. He holds a BA in Economics from the United States Military Academy.

Haydar Taygun T’18

Haydar is a first-year student at Tuck, where he is a Revers Center for Energy student fellow. Prior to Tuck, he served as an Analyst at GE-GAMA joint venture in Turkey, where he worked in the financing of thermal and renewable energy projects. He later joined DenizBank, one of the largest banks in Turkey, and focused on project finance. Over the summer, Haydar will intern in Energy and Power Group at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Haydar is an avid DJ. He holds a BA in Economics and Political Science with Honors from Brown University.

Pooja Yadav T’18

Pooja is a first-year student at Tuck where she is a Revers Center for Energy student fellow. Prior to Tuck, she was a consultant for Accenture Strategy, focused on marketing strategy for pharmaceutical, retail, and financial services clients. Over the summer, Pooja will be a Summer Associate at Goldman Sachs, in the Natural Resources investment banking group. Pooja is also a co-chair of the Finance club and member of the Wine Club. She holds a BA with high honors in Political Science from Emory University.

Patrick Adasa T’19

Mark Barosky T’19

James Giampietro T’19

Kevin Griffith T’19

Owen Jones T’19

Mathew O’Sullivan T’19

Vengatesh Muralidharan T’19

Tom Savory T’19

Angel Sevilla Padron T’19

Flora Tian T’19

Constantine Triantafyllides T’19

Student Stories

Josh Hotvet T'18

I came to Tuck from the military, the United States Marine Corps, where I spent my entire adult life. I learned so many important skills and I loved every second of my time in the Marine Corps. But I didn’t get the hard business and quantitative skills I needed. I wanted to be able to bolster the experiences I had in the military, which were very heavy in leadership and analytical problem solving, with the hard quantitative skills—finance, accounting, marketing—that an MBA offers. I also wanted the time and space to explore the renewable industry, which has always interested me. Coming to a full-time MBA program like Tuck gave me the opportunity to fully explore the industry and to gain a very solid foundation of business knowledge and experience. I came to Tuck with zero experience in energy.

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Danielle Musa T'17


The central thread in my Tuck experience is what I’d call values-driven business. I believe most people would like to “do well while doing good.” I wanted to dive deep into what that meant, understanding the many ways businesses aim to do this, and developing my own definition.

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Mathew O’Sullivan T'19

Business school is an opportunity to strengthen my finance skillset and expand my knowledge of infrastructure investments beyond frontier markets. I was an English and politics major at Washington & Lee University, and shortly after graduation I found myself working at a Mongolian bank—with no finance experience whatsoever. I taught myself some rudimentary modeling, and after spending over a year in Mongolia I continued to pursue my interest in infrastructure finance by joining CrossBoundary, a frontier markets investment firm with offices across Africa and in Washington, DC. I learned a lot at CrossBoundary. And I discovered that if I wanted to have a deeper understanding of the transactions I was advising on, I needed an MBA.

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Nick Ritter T'17


Before Tuck, I worked in a very technical field: electrical engineering. Many of my managers were MBAs, and they told me the value of taking a step back for a couple years to get an eagle eye view of the industry, the many roles that exist within each industry, and have a chance to focus on what the perfect fit is for me in terms of a career. Beyond that, I wanted to be able to round out my education and develop myself as a person.

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Alumni Stories

Elyse Allan

CEO, GE Canada

GE Canada CEO Elyse Allan D’79, T’84 is helping advance the company’s innovation agenda one good idea at a time.

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Sarah Barpoulis

board member, SemGroup Corporation

Sarah Barpoulis T'91 credits Tuck for a style that lends itself to constructive debate, consensus building, and empowering others, which she sees as the key attributes of successful board members. 

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John Casesa

Group Vice President, Global Strategy, Ford Motor Company

From a young age, John Casesa T’86, vice president of global strategy at Ford, was drawn to the automobile industry.

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Phil Giudice

CEO, Ambri

Phil Giudice T'85 is CEO of AMBRI, a Boston-based startup chasing the Holy Grail of renewable energy: cheap, reliable, and massively scalable electricity storage.

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Thad Hill

President & CEO, Calpine

As the president and CEO of Calpine, a Fortune 500 power generator and retailer, Thad Hill T’95 is doing exactly what he envisioned when he came to Tuck in 1993.

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Neil “Dutch” Kuyper

President & CEO, Parker Ranch, Inc.

Dutch Kuyper T’92 wants to turn Parker Ranch, a 130,000-acre cattle operation and piece of Hawaiian history, into a model of sustainability.

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Mike Miskovsky

CEO and president, InEVit

Energy entrepreneur Mike Miskovsky T'90 is bullish on the future of electric vehicles even though he doesn’t think much of today’s electric cars.

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Tony Posawatz

President & CEO, Invictus iCAR LLC

Tony Posawatz T’86 is a car guy. The love affair started long before he got his driver’s license—he is from Detroit—but it is still best explained by the independence that four wheels granted him.

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Pace Ralli

co-founder and CEO, Clean Marine Energy

Pace Ralli T'09 came to Tuck after the 2003 blackout inspired a career change from corporate finance to energy.

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Daniel Revers

Managing Partner & Co-Founder, ArcLight Capital Partners; Tuck Board of Advisors

The new Revers Center for Energy, made possible by Daniel Revers T'89, expands Tuck’s energy programming in the classroom and beyond.

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Damali Rhett

Executive Director, The Energy Co-op

Damali Rhett D’99, T’06, executive director of nonprofit The Energy Co-op, is helping Philadelphians increase their renewable energy use for a sustainable future.

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Kinya Seto

CEO, Lixil Corporation

CEO of Lixil Corporation Kinya Seto T'96 is leveraging his entrepreneurial smarts to tackle the global sanitation crisis.

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Andrew Smith

Founder & CEO, ATDynamics, Inc.

Andrew Smith T'07 chose Tuck first because he was looking for a beautiful environment where he could spend time thinking about how to maximize his impact on big challenges in the world.

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Eric Spiegel

Former CEO, Siemens USA

People call Eric Spiegel T'87 the most natural leader they’ve ever met. Now CEO of Siemens USA, a global electronics and engineering powerhouse, he gets to lead on the issues that matter most. To his company and the country.

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Lee Taylor

Co-founder and CEO, REsurety, Inc.

Lee Taylor T’12, co-founder and CEO of REsurety, is helping to redefine the way energy companies approach risk in the promising but volatile wind energy industry.

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Robert Wallace

president and CEO, BITHENERGY

Robert Wallace T'84 is a Baltimore-born entrepreneur who has written six books and runs three companies focusing on information technology, executive coaching, and most recently, renewable energy.

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