Undergraduate Business Training

Principles of Marketing (Tuck 002)
Fall 2016
Professor Eesha Sharma

Jackie Luan teaching

Marketing is the business function that deals with customers' needs and wants. The role of marketing management is to help companies better understand customer preferences, link that knowledge to designing appropriate products and services for selected customers, and determine appropriate methods to communicate, to deliver, and to capture value.

Successful firms are those that pursue objectives, employ resources, and invest in the future of an organization, to consistently satisfy the needs of customers better than competitors. These ideas apply to both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

The objectives of the course are:

  1. To introduce you to the key elements in developing a marketing strategy and planning a marketing program.
  2. To enhance your problem-solving skills in marketing by offering a set of analytical tools (i.e., frameworks, concepts, models, and techniques).
  3. To provide you with examples of how companies organize their marketing efforts across a variety of business settings (e.g., consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, financial services, nonprofit organizations).
  4. To give you an opportunity to (i) refine your oral and written communication skills and (ii) improve your ability to work effectively in a team, both of which are essential to a business career.

The required materials include:

  1. Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller, Marketing Management, 15th edition. Paperback version (Global edition). The hardcover version of the textbook is available for purchase at Wheelock Books. There is also a Paperback version that is on reserve at the main library. For maximum flexibility, page numbers from both hardcover and paperback versions have been provided in the class readings.
  2. Course packet: syllabus, handouts, cases and supplementary readings.  
  3. The course Canvas site: announcements, homework assignments, and lecture notes.

The course is open only to seniors, juniors and sophomores. Registration priority is given to students by class year, seniors having the highest priority. The course is not eligible for the Non-Recording Option.


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Fall 2016 Course Syllabus (PDF)
Professor Eesha Sharma