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TuckLAB Application






TuckLAB Application

Before beginning the TuckLAB application, please be sure to have a copy of your resume and letter of confirmation ready for upload.

Spring 2020

  • April: 4, 5, 19, 26
  • May 3, 10, 16, 17

Contact Information

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Biographical Information


Interest and Education

Please respond in one paragraph.

Please attach one brief letter of confirmation here. The letter should come from a Dartmouth faculty member, advisor, coach, or administrator, and should simply attest that you are a student who can handle the rigors of this program in addition to a usual class load. It does not need to be lengthy. For example, an email could simply say, “I, Professor Jane Smith, attest that I have had John Jones as a student and believe he will succeed at TuckLAB.” A scan of their letter or a screenshot of an email from them is sufficient and should be attached below. If they would prefer the letter be kept confidential, they can email it directly to us at TuckLAB@dartmouth.edu.


Emergency Contact Information

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Letter of Commitment

The Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship at Dartmouth supports alumni, students and faculty who want to launch business ventures and social enterprises through experiential learning, startup support, alumni engagement and community involvement.

The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth is committed to creating a culture of excellence. This tradition is developed through a partnership with students, faculty and administrators focused on the common mission of educating wise leaders to better the world of business.

The TuckLAB program is structured in to two components. The core part of the TuckLAB curriculum teaches students fundamental business skills. The entrepreneurship component helps prepare students by exposing them to the different kind of work typically done in a startup and providing frameworks on how to tackle these tasks. 

Students of TuckLAB are expected and agree to:

  • Finish all assignments and turn them in according to deadlines
  • Attend every class and team challenge unless ill
  • Attend and actively participate in team project work during the program
  • Ask faculty questions when they do not understand something

TuckLAB faculty and administrators are expected and agree to:

  • Provide an engaging learning experiences for students that develop fundamental business skills and manage and analyze data to make more informed decisions, to more effectively interact and work with customers, as well as to critically evaluate situations and persuade others to act.
  • Facilitate in-class discussion and an Entrepreneurial Challenge competition to provide students with real life experience of working at a startup including pitching an idea, building a team, developing a MVP, selling, financial modeling, and investor pitching.
  • Provide support and instructional direction to students
  • Support high academic standards
  • Support a collegial and collaborative learning environment

Student Commitment:

I have read the expectations of being a student at The Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship and the Tuck School of Business TuckLAB program and agree to make the commitment to complete the core and elective components of the program to the best of my ability. 

When I complete this program, according to the expectations listed below, I will receive a Dartmouth/Tuck certificate of completion.