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A collaboration between the Tuck School and Dartmouth’s Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship, TuckLAB empowers Dartmouth undergraduates to pursue their passions by providing them with the business skills they need to leverage their liberal arts education in today’s competitive marketplace.

Why TuckLAB?

TuckLAB is designed to allow you to study what you care about, do what you love, and build a successful career in today’s competitive job market. TuckLAB prepares students from all backgrounds and majors with vital, practical business skills they’ll use to forge a path in any field they choose.

This program is generously underwritten by the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship, the Tuck School of Business, and Dartmouth College. For the winter 2021 program, attendance was free for Dartmouth undergraduates and 2020 and 2019 Dartmouth graduates.

Meet the Faculty

Program Overview

In winter 2021, TuckLAB was delivered virtually via live classes focused on entrepreneurship as part of the Magnuson Applied Business Learning and Entrepreneurship (ABLE) concentration. Students learned vital skills that taught them to think differently and focus on the applied innovation that resonates in any field. 

The program followed this schedule and took place on six consecutive weekends in January and February. Program dates for the next TuckLAB will be selected and announced in September 2021.

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"I went into TuckLAB with a limited background in business and came out confident that I could thrive in a corporate environment. I enjoyed the frequent opportunities to collaborate and pitch my business ideas. I also built a network of Tuck affiliates and benefited greatly from their feedback."

Peter Green D‘21


"TuckLAB was a great crash course in startups and entrepreneurship. The opportunity to actually flesh out an idea and make a pitch was super informative, and though it was a lot of work, I enjoyed getting to know my teammates and the Tuck professors. I would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in entrepreneurship."

Naomi Miller D’21




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TuckLAB is a collaboration between the Tuck School and Dartmouth’s Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship.
For more information about TuckLAB, please contact TuckLAB@dartmouth.edu.