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Andrew M. - T'14, August 04, 2013 | 0 comments
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Tuck's pre-orientation programs kick off in a week, and a new group of Tuckies will soon be arriving on campus and exploring the wonders of the Upper Valley!  I went on two pre-orientation programs last year: Outward Bound (five days of sailing in the Gulf of Maine) and Outdoor Trips (five days of hiking along the Appalachian Trail).  I enjoyed both of them and the opportunity to meet classmates and explore the outdoors.  Some quick thoughts for the early-arrivers:

  • In the mood for a swim?  Check out the swim dock on the Connecticut River, just off of the Ledyard parking lot.
  • Looking to spend a night in the outdoors but didn't sign up for the Outdoor Trips?  Rent one of the Dartmouth Outing Club's cabins for the night.  Hinman cabin, for example, is close to campus, is on a pond, and has canoes you can use.
  • Storrs Pond is a great nearby outdoor recreation area and well worth a visit.
  • Want to hike but don't want to spend several days doing it?  There are several great hikes nearby (I like the Smarts Mountain and Gile Mountain hikes).  And, if that's a bit too much hiking for you, do the easy hike along the Appalachian Trail to Murphy's, Canoe Club, or any location on Main Street, which is officially part of the trail (look for white rectangles painted on lampposts and other signage: one means you're on the trail, two mean take a turn; the trail crosses over from Vermont onto W. Wheelock, then turns south on Main before continuing east).
  • There's a farmers market on the Dartmouth Green every Wednesday afternoon that's worth a visit.

You don't have to be on a pre-orientation program to move into the dorms early (though I don't know the date non-pre-orientation folks can move in), so come and explore your home for the next two years!

And for those going on the pre-orientation programs, get ready to have a great time!  In a week, I'll have to face reality that I am actually a second year--definitely jealous of the T'15s!

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