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We are delighted that you are interested in connecting with students and alumni at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. As you already know, each business school is unique and offers its students a special learning opportunity. We want to give prospective students a real picture of the Tuck experience. And who better to tell you all about Tuck than our students and alumni?

After you complete the form below, Tuck will take your information and pair you up with a Tuck student or alum with a similar profile. While we can't ensure an exact match, we can get pretty close! Once matched, these Tuckies will connect with you via email enabling you to ask them for their perspectives on those things you feel are important in helping you chose a school for your MBA.

Please be sure to do your research about Tuck prior to signing up for Tuck Connections. Knowing why you are considering an MBA and Tuck in particular will ensure that you will have a meaningful and productive experience when you connect with a Tuckie. While our alums and current students are eager to share their experiences and insights, please be mindful that they do not have any impact on the admissions process and cannot be expected to provide you with admissions advice, tips on interviewing or writing essays, or how to be admitted to Tuck. If you are seeking insider tips on the application process, please review the information on this website, join us at a Tuck event in your area or visit our blog.

If you have questions about this form or Tuck Connections, please contact the Admissions Office at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 603-646-3162.

General Information

Industry and Professional Clubs

Tuck also offers students the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of student-run clubs. Select clubs that appeal to you from the following list (list not exhaustive).

Community and Clubs

We'll use the industry information you provided above to match you with a like-minded Tuckie. But, many students sample several industries through the numerous industry clubs here. If you have other interests, please check the corresponding club below to help us refine your match.

Matching Criteria

We will attempt to use as much of the above information as possible, however, please tell us which of the following of the criteria are most important to you in finding your match: industry, gender, citizenship, affinity groups, clubs/student involvement, life for partners and children.