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Virtual Class Visits

Tuck’s students, faculty, and staff are what make the Tuck MBA experience distinct and sitting in on a class is usually one of the highlights of prospective student visits. Although we are not able to welcome you to campus at this time, we have recorded some of our current class offerings so that you can get a better understanding of the personal, connected, and transformative experience that is the heart of our MBA program.



Managerial Economics (MANEC) - Professor Joe Hall
Core course, Fall 2020

Watch: Session 3

Watch: Session 5


This course applies economics ideas and methods to analyze the firm, decisions made by stakeholders, and the industry at large. Topics covered include costs, pricing, competition, economic efficiency, and industry equilibrium and change. Particular attention is paid to behavior of the firm and industries when uncertainty and transaction costs exist. The course combines lectures/discussions of principles with cases covering both current and classic firm and industry dilemmas.

Joe Hall has been teaching at the Tuck School since 2000 and has been the Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning since 2019. With two decades of commitment to teaching and learning at Tuck, Professor Hall is held in very high regard—as evidenced by receiving the Class of 2011 Teaching Excellence Award in 2012.

Financial Accounting (FA) - Professor Phil Stocken
Core course, Fall 2020

Watch: Session 2

Watch: Session 7


This course focuses on developing the basic concepts and procedures underlying corporate financial statements and introduces tools for analyzing profitability and risk. Students explore the impact of alternatives available within generally accepted accounting principles on financial statements, especially in terms of management's financial reporting strategy.  

Phil Stocken has been at the Tuck School since 2003 and specializes in accounting and business analysis. He teaches accounting and financial management, analysis, and reporting in both executive education programs and MBA classes.

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