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Find out what sets Tuck apart. Hear from the people who make Tuck distinctive among the world’s top MBA programs—students, partners, Tuck admissions staff, and the Tuck administrators who will work with you throughout your two years at Tuck. The Tuck 360: MBA blog combines candid insight about life at Tuck from students and partners with helpful insider tips and advice from Tuck staff who want you to succeed at Tuck.

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Tuck Admissions Insights: Right Fit for Tuck

Luke Anthony Peña, February 22, 2019
Tuck’s Executive Director of Admissions and Financial aid, Luke Anthony Peña shares how you can tell if you would be a good fit for the Tuck MBA program Continue Reading >>

OnSite Global Consulting Takes a Closer Look at China’s Running Culture

Maria Milleville T'19, February 19, 2019
A team of Tuck MBA students explore China’s passion for running. Continue Reading >>

From Accounting Class to Climate Action: Experiential Learning at COP24

Rachel Brooks, February 15, 2019
"I am always striving towards improved integration of all stakeholders and cross-sector collaboration to solve society’s most pressing issues such as climate change. Participation in COP24 has been one of my most memorable engagements while working at Tuck," says Brooks. Continue Reading >>

A Project with the World Economic Forum in South Africa

Jamie Mittelman T’19, January 29, 2019
"Access to this type of real, professional experience in an educational setting is very rare. It is the ultimate mini laboratory in which students can test different work styles and ideas," says Jamie Mittelman T'19. Continue Reading >>

Tuck Admissions Insights: What Makes Tuck Distinct

Luke Anthony Peña, January 15, 2019
Tuck’s Executive Director of Admissions and Financial aid, Luke Anthony Peña shares insight into what makes the community at Tuck distinctive, the academic experience, and the student career journey. Continue Reading >>

Tuck at COP24

Tayo Odusanya T’19, January 14, 2019
Five representatives from Tuck traveled to Katowice, Poland to join the conversation alongside tens of thousands of other delegates from around the world. Continue Reading >>

Tuck Takes Third at Ross Renewable Energy Case Competition

Ryan Ganong T’20, January 08, 2019
This year's case focused on the California energy market where an ambitious legislation was recently passed mandating that 100 percent of its electricity come from clean energy sources by 2045. Continue Reading >>

Tuck Admissions Insights: Scholarships

Luke Anthony Peña, December 19, 2018
Whether you’re already in or getting ready to submit, many of you have finances on your mind. You’re not alone! We think and talk a lot about how we can help you finance your Tuck MBA. Continue Reading >>

Tuck Takes Third at 2018 National Energy Finance Challenge

By Matt Weems T’20, December 18, 2018
What do a French coal trader, a Canadian civil engineer, a Singaporean oil trader, an American chemical engineer, and an Argentinian solar power adviser have in common? Continue Reading >>

5 Questions with NextEra Energy’s Henry Karongo T’15

Revers Center for Energy, December 05, 2018
Henry Karongo is a director of business management at NextEra Energy Resources at Juno Beach, Florida. Continue Reading >>

Tuck Team Achieves Success at MIT Private Equity Competition

Gavin Loudfoot T’20, December 04, 2018
This year’s case was to develop a recommendation on the proposed buyout of Seaboard Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company. Continue Reading >>

Reapplying to Tuck

Pat Harrison, December 04, 2018
Every round we have to make incredibly difficult decisions. If you were among those not offered admission, you may be thinking about reapplying to Tuck. If you are, this blog will help. Continue Reading >>

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