Student Organizations

Hispanic-American Student Association

The mission of the Hispanic-American Student Association (HASA) is aimed at enriching the professional, academic, social and cultural pursuits of its members. Although HASA's activities are focused towards Tuck's Hispanic student community, all students are encouraged to participate. HASA is also forming relationships with the other Latino and Latin American groups across Dartmouth's undergraduate and graduate schools in order to form an integrated and unified Latino presence throughout the Dartmouth campus.

Black Students Assocation at Tuck

Black Students Association at Tuck is committed to enriching the value of the greater Tuck community by increasing the diversity of people, ideas, and activities. We seek to build a strong sense of community among students of African decent at Tuck by organizing social events for members and their partners, providing academic assistance, and encouraging members to use one another as a sounding board for concerns and ideas, both personal and business related.  It is our responsibility to work with the admissions office to increase the number of African Ancestry enrollees. Lastly, we intend to increase visibility within the Tuck and greater Dartmouth communities by sponsoring various social and networking events, and by working with the Dartmouth Black Business Association (DBBA).

Tuck Pride

Tuck Pride is the LGBTQ resource and support group for the Tuck community. We provide a social and support network for LGBTQ students, foster connections with LGBTQ alumni, serve as a resource for prospective students, help Tuck benefit from the richness of the LGBTQ community, and act as a liaison with other LGBTQ groups at Dartmouth and at other top business schools. The LGBT and ally members of Tuck Pride are dedicated to fostering respect for diversity of all types within our community of future business leaders and supporting LGBTQ Tuckies in the development of positive social and professional identities that acknowledge their sexual identities.

Women in Business Club

The mission of Tuck's Women in Business Club is to foster a community that enables women to achieve personal and professional success. To this end, WIB provides mentoring, networking, and career development throughout the Tuck experience. We also host an annual conference for prospective and current students, alumni, faculty and staff.

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