Faculty Directory

Andrew A. King

Professor of Business Administration








PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1994; MS, University of California, Berkeley, 1984; BA, Brown University, 1981

Areas of Expertise

Business and the environment, industry self-regulation, innovation, technological change, organizational design


Sustainable Business


Professor Andrew A. King conducts research on a number of topics related to business strategy. He is well known for his publications on business and the natural environment but he believes that his biggest impact has been as a mentor and advisor. His students are now distinguished academics and leaders at top institutions throughout the world.

Current Research Topics

  • Industry self-regulation
  • Facility location choice
  • Technological discontinuities and disruptions
  • Knowledge spillovers

Professional Activities

Academic positions

  • Tuck School of Business, 2002–present
  • Marvin Bower Fellow, Harvard Business School, 2007–08
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, 1999
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997
  • Assistant Professor, Stern School of Business, New York University, 1994–2002

Nonacademic positions

  • Consultant, Arthur D. Little, Inc., 1989–90
  • Principal Investigator and Research Scientist, Honeywell Inc., 1985–88
  • Research Scientist, University of California, Berkeley, 1984–85
  • Associate, Malcolm Lewis Associates, 1981–82

Editorial positions

  • Editorial Boards, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal
  • Associate Editor, Management Science


  • 2009 Academy of Management Journal – 2008 Best Paper Award
  • 2007 Marvin Bower Fellow – Harvard Business School
  • 2001 Faculty Pioneer Award – World Resources Institute
  • 1998 ATT Faculty Fellow of Industrial Ecology
  • 1994 Zannetos Thesis Prize – Recognizes the Sloan PhD thesis representing the highest level of scholarly excellence

Selected Publications

  • With B. Baatartogtokh, "How Useful is the Theory of Disruptive Innovation," Sloan Management Review, Fall 2015
  • With B. Goldfarb B, "Popular Delusions in Strategic Management: A Case of Scientific Apophenia?" Forthcoming at the Strategic Management Journal
  • With G. Di Stefano and G. Verona, "Sanctioning in the Wild: Rational Calculus and Retributive Instincts in Gourmet Cuisine," Academy of Management Journal 58(3) 1-23, 2015
  • "Why It Pays to Become a Rule Maker," Sloan Management Review, Winter, 2015, 513-547
  • With G. Di Stefano and G. Verona, "Hell’s Kitchen: Sanctioning Violations of Norms of Knowledge Use in Gourmet Cuisine," Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management
  • With L. Berchicci, "Do Managers Systematically Underestimate the Potential for Waste Reduction?" Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management
  • With G. Di Stefano and G. Verona, "Kitchen Confidential? Norms for the use of Transferred Knowledge in Gourmet Cuisine," Strategic Management Journal 35(11) 1645-170, 2014
  • With N. Dutt, "The Judgment of Waste: End-of-pipe Treatment and Waste Reduction," Management Science 60(7) 1812-1828, 2014
  • With K. Lakhani, "Using Open Innovation to Identify the Best Ideas," Sloan Management Review 55(1) 41-48, 2013
  • With L. Berchicci and G. Dowell, "Environmental Performance and Corporate Strategy: Exploring Acquisitions among US Manufacturing Firms," Strategic Management Journal 33(9) 1053–1071, 2012
  • With L. Berchicci and C. Tucci, “Does the Apple Always Fall Close to the Tree? Evaluating when Spin-Offs Stay Close to their Parents,” Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 2011
  • With L. Berchicci and G. Dowell, “Environmental Performance and Corporate Strategy: Exploring Acquisitions Among U.S. Manufacturing Firms,” Strategic Management Journal, 2011
  • With M. Barnett, “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: An Institutional Explanation of the Benefits of Industry Self-Regulation,” Academy of Management Journal, 51(6), 2008
  • With L. Berchicci, “Postcards From the Edge: A Review of the Business and Environment Literature,” Academy of Management Annals, invited paper for inaugural issue, December 2007
  • “Cooperation Between Corporations and Environmental Groups: A Transaction Cost Perspective,” Academy of Management Review, 32(3), 2007
  • With M. Lenox and A. Terlaak, “The Strategic Use of Decentralized Institutions: Exploring Certification with the ISO 14001 Management Standard,” Academy of Management Journal, 48(6), 2006
  • With M. Lenox, “Prospects for Developing Absorptive Capacity Through Internal Informative Provision,” Strategic Management Journal, 25(4), 2004
  • With C. Tucci, “Incumbent Entry into New Market Niches: The Role of Experience in the Creation of Dynamic Capabilities,” Management Science, 48(2), 2002
  • With M. Lenox, “Exploring the Locus of Profitable Pollution Reduction,” Management Science, 48(2), 2002
  • With M. Shaver, “Are Aliens Green? Assessing Foreign Establishments’ Environmental Conduct in the U.S.,” Strategic Management Journal, 22(11), 2001