Faculty Directory

Simon Blanchard

Visiting Associate Professor of Marketing






PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 2011; MSc, University of Montreal, 2005; BBA, University of Sherbrooke, 2003

Areas of Expertise

Marketing, management science


ENGM 181: Marketing


Simon Blanchard is an associate professor at Georgetown University where he teaches analytical problem solving and digital advertising to MBA students. Trained in consumer psychology and quantitative methods, he studies consumer decision making through both experimental research and statistical modeling.

Current Research Topics

  • Consumer decision making
  • Marketing models

Professional Activities

Academic positions

  • Visiting Associate Professor, Tuck School of Business/Thayer School of Engineering, 2018–present
  • Associate Professor of Marketing, Georgetown University, 2017–present
  • Assistant Professor of Marketing, Georgetown University, 2011–17
  • Visiting Research Scholar, Columbia University, 2017

Editorial positions

Editorial Review Board:

  • Journal of Consumer Research, 2018–present
  • Journal of Marketing Research, 2017–present
  • International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2016–present


  • Marketing Science Institute Young Scholar, 2017
  • Faculty Research Award, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, 2017
  • Best Paper award, American Marketing Association’s 2015 Advanced Research Technique Forum, for “Beyond Pairwise Similarity: The Category Covering Problem for the Analysis of Sorting Task Data in Marketing Research”

Selected Publications

  • With M. Hada and K. Carlson, “Specialist Competitor Referrals: How Salespeople Can Use Competitor Referrals for Nonfocal Products to Increase Focal Product Sales,” Journal of Marketing, 82(4), 2018
  • With D. Aloise and W. S. DeSarbo, “Extracting Summary Piles from Sorting Task Data,” Journal of Marketing Research, 54(3), 2017
  • With K. Kettle, R. Trudel, and G. Haubl, “Repayment Concentration and Consumer Motivation to Get Out of Debt,” Journal of Consumer Research, 43(3), 2016
  • With K. Carlson and J. Hyodo, “The Favor Request Effect: Requesting a Favor from Consumers to Seal the Deal,” Journal of Consumer Research, 42(6), 2016
  • With K. Carlson, J. Wolfe, J. Huber, and D. Ariely, “The Budget Contraction Effect: How Contracting Budgets Lead to Less Varied Choice,” Journal of Marketing Research, 52(3), 2015
  • With K. Carlson and M. Meloy, “Biased Predecisional Processing of Leading and Non-Leading Alternatives,” Psychological Science, 25(3), 2014
  • With S. Kim, W. DeSarbo, and D.H.K. Fong, “Implementing Managerial Constraints in Model-Based Segmentation: Extensions of Kim, Fong, and DeSarbo (2012) with an Application to Heterogeneous Perceptions of Service Quality,” Journal of Marketing Research, 50(5), 2013
  • With W. DeSarbo, “A New Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Methodology for Latent Category Identication,” Psychometrika, 78(2), 2013
  • With D. Aloise and W. DeSarbo, “Heterogeneous P-Median for Categorization-Based Clustering,” Psychometrika, 77(4), 2012
  • With W. DeSarbo, A.S. Atalay, and D. LeBaron, “Estimating Multiple Segment-Level Ideal Points from Context Dependent Survey Data,” Journal of Consumer Research, 35 (June), 2008