United States

Statue of Martin Luther King

Course Title

"Freedom Riders 2021: Unpacking Systemic Racism in America and Its Impact for Leadership"


Ella Bell Smith, Professor of Business Administration
Adam M. Kleinbaum, Associate Professor of Business Administration

Destination Cities

United States: Washington D.C.; Montgomery, AL; Selma, AL

Course Description

You are interviewing for a leadership role. You are asked to describe your vision for creating diverse and inclusive teams, and platitudes will not suffice. What will you say?

You are starting a new role as a leader of a diverse team. Your success hinges on your ability to motivate and inspire, even if your life experiences and perspectives differ greatly from those of your team members. How will you do this?

Creating a vision for diversity and inclusion and inspiring diverse teams begins with understanding how issues such as race impact one’s experiences and perspectives. This GIX, which focuses on America’s journey for racial equality, is a step on the path to understanding. You will learn about the historical context of current conversations about race, racial justice, and racism in this country, and meet with leaders who are making a difference in areas such as voting rights and economic inclusion.

This GIX is not just for students who plan to live and work in the US. Every country has people who experience “otherness,” whether related to race or other dimensions of diversity. You will have the opportunity to reflect on the course topics relative to your personal experiences - past and future. You will return to Tuck with a new vision for diversity and inclusion at Tuck and the companies and countries where you will eventually be employed.