Roundtable III: New Forms of Organizing to Promote Collaboration

The third roundtable took place at Bloomberg LP, in New York, N.Y., in November 2013. Building on the discussion about leadership tools, undertaken during the second gathering, the third roundtable delved into new forms of organizing to promote collaboration. More specifically, it focused on the intriguing topic of open-source principles in relation to collaboration, how to incentivize innovation through the use of such principles, best practices around these topics, and how to pick those practices that are appropriate or applicable to their respective organization.

To gauge the use of new forms of organizing, such as an open-source model, and to understand accompanying issues, the focal questions included:

  • What new forms of collaborative practices are you using?
  • Are you satisfied with employees’ acceptance of practices?
  • Are you satisfied with the impact these practices are having on measurable outcomes?
  • What is the emerging orientation in relation to these practices?

Participants delved into open-source principles, from the wide use of social media platforms for problem-solving to the more radical ideas like self-selected teams. It was determined that organizations entirely based on open-source principles exist but they are likely to remain rare, while established organizations have started to make selective use of open-source principles. Use of these principles spurs innovation, increases employee engagement, and achieves greater speed in problem solving. Open-source principles redefine the role of leaders in important ways.