Mar 20, 2020

Tuck Admissions COVID-19 Update

Our enthusiasm for getting to know applicants and prospective students remains as strong as ever, though the COVID-19 global pandemic...


Feb 28, 2020

Connecting with Tuck About Scholarship Awards

“We admitted you because we want you at Tuck, which means we want to know anything that would stand in...


Jan 30, 2020

Making Your Decision to Enroll

"I urge you to prioritize one factor above all others: the people. The relationships you forge with your classmates, the...


Dec 20, 2019

Looking Ahead: Essay Tips for Round 2 Applicants

The best advice I can give for the essays: write them, share them with someone whom you know and trust,...


Dec 12, 2019

Reapplying to Tuck

We make difficult admissions decisions each round we cannot admit all of the qualified candidates who apply. Strong reapplicants take...


Dec 11, 2019


Among the first questions we often hear from waitlisted applicants is, “What now?” This blog offers guidance on what to...


Dec 3, 2019

Tuck Admissions Insights: Employment History, Common Applicant Questions

Tactical guidelines on what information to provide in the Employment History section of your application.


Nov 25, 2019

Tuck Admissions Insights: Make Your Resume Shine

This guide is an introduction to resume writing and formatting principles. The goal is to help you translate your past...


Nov 19, 2019

Tuck Admissions Insights: Your Admissions Interview

Admissions interviews play an important role in the evaluation process. They are a way for you to demonstrate how you'll...