Aug 19, 2014

Club Spotlight: Education Club

The Tuck Education Club is a student-run organization that promotes awareness of education issues at Tuck and acts as a resource for students interested in a career in education. While most of our classmates will not pursue careers in education, they will be exposed to issues in the education system over the course of their careers. Whether as a parent of a student or a leader charged with developing a company’s human capital, all people have an incentive to understand how education impacts their lives and society at large.

This past year, the club organized two career treks (in New York and Boston) to learn more about potential job opportunities and to connect with Tuck alums working in education. We also attended the Education Leadership Conference at Yale School of Management, which gave us the opportunity to learn more about the current education reform landscape and connect with students at other business schools.

Next year, we plan to maintain the club’s career focus and build more awareness around the important role that education plays in society. We also look forward to developing relationships with education club leaders at other business schools to build a network of like-minded MBA students. We hope to continue building and growing the Education Club’s presence at Tuck!