Aug 13, 2014

Club Spotlight: Entrepreneurship Club

For the past two months, I’ve enjoyed a memorable and entrepreneurial summer internship while also fulfilling goals I set when starting at Tuck. But, before getting into those details, I want to share the goal and mandate of the Entrepreneurship Club, which introduced me to some great folks who supported me as I sought an “off-the-beaten-path” summer.

In a nutshell, the E-Ship Club helps Tuckies build the skills needed to start a business, whether today or in the future.  We create a supportive community that not only brings together like-minded people with an array of experiences, but is also there for you during those long months when many friends pursuing more “traditional career paths” already have their summer offers (note: the e-ship recruiting cycle is later in the year).  For 2014/15, we’re planning workshops, brainstorming sessions, happy hours and guest speakers that will complement the e-ship curriculum, connect you to professors and include you in the larger Tuck and Dartmouth e-ship community.  Can’t wait!

Last year, the encouragement of T’14 E-Ship Club members gave me the confidence boost I needed to seek an internship in an industry and role that was completely different from my previous life in consulting.  I found a role at a startup in an industry I am incredibly passionate about: health, wellness & fitness.

I’m spending my summer with Misfit, an innovative wearable devices company based in San Francisco.  In my commercial sales and business development role, I have had opportunities to engage with human resources executives at prominent international companies.  An additional perk: travel to Miami, Baltimore, and my personal favorite, Lake Tahoe, where I represented Misfit at the Century Golf Tournament (see photo above).  Now, I am by no means a talented golfer, but in this case, I didn’t mind given that I was surrounded by pretty incredible athletes: Jerry Rice, Steve Young, and my personal favorite, at least partially due to the Tuck hockey spirit, TJ Oshie.

For the past two months I have been developing skills that I will use regardless of my path immediately after Tuck.  Experience in sales will be especially critical when I am one day seeking funding to start my own company.  I have a month left with Misfit, and ending the role will be bittersweet (bitter: end of a great experience; sweet: getting back to Tuck!).

Can’t wait to meet all of the new, entrepreneurially-minded Tuckies back in Hanover. Until then, enjoy your summer adventures!

-- Ewa Kisilewicz (