Jun 25, 2014

Club Spotlight: Tuck Investment Club

The Tuck Investment Club primarily serves students who are interested in careers in investment management, including hedge funds, mutual funds and other asset managers.  We also have members who are looking at finance more broadly as a career path and want to get more information about investing, market function and how to pitch an effective investment idea.

One of the Investment Club’s most popular activities is MBA stock pitch competitions. Each year, Tuck selects teams to attend investment pitch competitions at Cornell, UNC, UVA, Michigan Ross, UCLA and other venues where we compete against the best and the brightest at peer schools like Wharton, Booth, and Columbia.  Pitch competitions give students the opportunity for exposure to industry professionals, to receive constructive feedback from judges and to work on a team alongside other Tuck students.  The team formation process begins in late September, and first-year students should reach out to club chairs in early September to indicate interest.

The Investment Club doesn’t just pitch theoretical investment ideas- we also have an amazing resource in the student-directed investment fund known as Tuck Asset Management (TAM).  With nearly half a million dollars of capital, the fund is split into two strategies- equity long short (essentially a hedge fund) and a long-only pool of capital focused on longer term investment ideas.  First-year students who are interested can join the fund as an analyst and work on a sector team to generate ideas and monitor existing positions.  Second-years can continue with the fund in a senior analyst or Portfolio Manager role.  Next year, TAM will begin hiring a select group of Dartmouth undergraduates to serve as junior analysts, giving Tuck students the opportunity to mentor and direct junior members of their sector team.

As is common at Tuck, both TAM and the Investment Club benefit from many hands-on alumni who work at top financial institutions ranging from traditional asset managers to hedge funds and investment research firms.

Other activities the Investment Club is planning for 2014/15 include a mock portfolio trading challenge and a speaker series featuring prominent Tuck alumni from within the investment management industry. We look forward to meeting the T’16 class in the fall!

Rance Barber, Daniel Butterly, Michaela LeBlanc and Konstantin Nikolaev
T’15 Investment Club Co-chairs