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Find out what sets Tuck apart. Hear from the people who make Tuck distinctive among the world’s top MBA programs—students, partners, Tuck admissions staff, and the Tuck administrators who will work with you throughout your two years at Tuck. The Tuck 360: MBA blog combines candid insight about life at Tuck from students and partners with helpful insider tips and advice from Tuck staff who want you to succeed at Tuck.

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The Best Hikes in the Upper Valley

Tuck Student, September 21, 2020

By Maria Mastanduno T’21 The Upper Valley is home to beautiful hiking right out the back door. For those looking for bigger hikes into the alpine zone, there is plenty of terrain within a two-hour drive. Hiking in New Hampshire is very different than in other parts of the Continue Reading 

3 Reasons Why Tuck Is a Great Fit for Military Veterans

Stephanie Puzak T’22, September 16, 2020

hr.grey {width: 10%; border-top: solid #333 3px; align:left;} To learn more about what distinguishes Tuck among top-tier business schools and what you need to know to transition from the military into the right MBA program, attend the 2020 Tuck Veterans Symposium on Saturday, September 26 through Monday, September 28. During the event, you Continue Reading 

Inside the Virtual Tuck Bay Area Ecosystem Deep Dive: Energy Track

Ayo Adare T’22, September 09, 2020

By Ayo Adare T’22 Having lived most of my life in Nigeria, my reality of the power and energy space was characterized by a lack of connection to the grid, incessant power cuts for those connected, inadequate energy sources, and very traditional electricity grids with little to no home-grown Continue Reading 

Three Takeaways from Reading “The New Jim Crow”

Emma Sapat T'21, September 01, 2020

By Emma Sapat T'21 This spring, watching my country reckon with its long history of racism and police brutality towards people of color, I felt a paralyzing combination of grief, frustration, and helplessness. Navigating conversations about racism, I was struck by how easy it had been for me, in &ldquo Continue Reading 

Why You Should Join Us for the Tuck Women in Business Conference

Kelsey McInerney T’21, August 31, 2020

.button2 a:focus, a:hover { color: white; } .button2 a { color: white; } .button2 { background-color: #D94415; border: none; color: white; padding: 10px 15px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; display: inline-block; font-size: 1em; margin: 4px 2px; cursor: pointer; font-family: 'TradeGothicW01-BoldCn20 675334', 'Arial Narrow', sans-serif;} By Kelsey McInerney T’21 After a seven-year career Continue Reading 

Sharing Our Stories: BSAT’s Virtual Ahmaud Arbery AMA

Roderick Miligan T'21, August 17, 2020

By Roderick Milligan T’21 At Tuck, there is a long tradition of being open to your classmates and making yourself vulnerable by telling your story. Sharing our stories is done through different facets of mediums like TuckTalks, Ask Me Anything panels, or short rides to the nearest ski Continue Reading 

Reapplying to Tuck

Tuck Admissions, August 14, 2020

Among Tuck’s defining features is our size.  The scale of our MBA program is critical to creating the immersive, collaborative, trust-based community and personalized experience for which Tuck is known. This means we must make difficult admissions decisions each round, and we cannot admit all of the Continue Reading 

Pandemic to Prosperity: A Project with the National Conference on Citizenship

Emily Laackman T’20, August 06, 2020

By Emily Laackman T’20 History has shown that large-scale crises accelerate pre-existing trends and permanently change societies and civic life. While most of the nation’s attention is currently focused on the response to Covid-19, we must ensure that recovery efforts in the months and years ahead lead Continue Reading 

Connecting This Summer While #HAPPYATHOME

Luke Anthony Peña, July 31, 2020

By Luke Anthony Peña Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Happy July, friends! We’re getting ready to welcome our T’22s for a historic Tuck Launch like no other we’ve ever had, and while the format is different, the enthusiasm to welcome Continue Reading 

A Look Inside Austin’s Newest Tuckie-Founded Hard Seltzer, Blue Norther

Erica Choo , July 27, 2020

By Erica Choo T'21 Blue Norther (noun): 1) A Texas cold front that brings strong winds and a sharp drop in temperature. 2) The best hard seltzer you will ever taste! Blue Norther is a hard seltzer brewed in Austin, TX and bent on disrupting the seltzer category by focusing on high-quality Continue Reading 

Tuck Admissions Insights: Letters of Reference

Valeria Wiens, July 22, 2020

By Tuck Admissions Letters of Reference (LORs) provide the Admissions Committee with additional insight into your accomplishments, potential and personal and professional strengths and growth areas. Tuck has adopted the questions posed by the Common Letter of Recommendation. In case you think you have little control over this area of Continue Reading 

Tuck Admissions Insights: Your Admissions Interview

Valeria Weins, Associate Director of Evaluation, Admissions, July 08, 2020

By Valeria Wiens Associate Director of Evaluation, Admissions The Tuck Admissions team is known for transparency when it comes to admissions criteria and how we evaluate applications.  I’m excited to discuss a component of your application that allows you to provide a more complete Continue Reading 

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