Feb 24, 2012

Decisions . . . Decisions . . . Decisions

By Pete. T'13

With Winter term almost behind me, what is next on the agenda? Well that is the decision I have to make. Spring term allows for first-year students to choose from a variety electives. I must say I am glad the core curriculum is so comprehensive. One reason I chose Tuck was because I knew I wanted to be part of a General Management program. Although I am sure I will gravitate more towards electives that are of special interest to me, I have the ability to take whatever I want. So even though I will most likely take a lot of strategy and e-ship classes, I plan on taking Professor Keller’s (the marketing guru himself) marketing class. It is nice to know that I don’t have to take a certain number of classes in a certain major.

So decision time has arrived. Do I take Managerial Accounting, Strategy in Turbulent Environments, and Doing Business in Arab Gulf States or do I take E-Ship in the Social Sector, Strategic principles for Internet Business and Marketing in the Networked Economy? Or a combination? Or a couple of the many other electives offered?  I still have a week to decide before I had off to Japan and Hong Kong for Spring Break (will post more on this after the trip), but whatever I decide, I know with the quality of the faculty, quality of my classmates, and the dedication to the full-time MBA program, I cannot go wrong.

It’s great to be a Tuckie!!!