Oct 02, 2012

Executive Access

By Andrew M. - T'14

One of the (many) areas in which Tuck professors excel is their ability to attract senior executives to campus to present in class sessions.  And one of the great things about Tuck's location in the Upper Valley is that executives can't just stop by; when they're here, they're here for a day (or two).  Why is this so great?  Tuck makes a point of providing opportunities for students to interact with these executives outside of the classroom, be it in office hours, at lunch on campus, or at dinner in one of Hanover's nicer restaurants.  And these opportunities aren't hidden or limited to a small number of people who are "in the know"--the visits are announced (via e-mail) several days in advance to the entire student body, providing Tuckies the opportunity to sign up for the events they wish to attend (in the case where an event is oversubscribed [and they often are], a lottery process determines the attendees).  It is not uncommon to have three or four executives visit on a given day, which translates into lots of opportunities!  In my first month at Tuck, I've been fortunate to attend both lunches and office hours, and they've been a great opportunity to learn more about what has made these executives successful in their chosen fields, how they approach strategy and decision making, and what they see are trends in their industry.  It's a great way to learn about leadership from successful practitioners (and classmates, who ask some great questions), and it's another part of what makes the Tuck experience so special.