ASW Co-Chairs
Mar 31, 2021

From Current Students: Why You Should Attend Tuck ASW!

Congratulations once again on your admission to Tuck! We had hoped to welcome you to campus in person this Spring; however, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and public health guidelines, Tuck’s Admitted Students Weekend (ASW) will be a virtual-only event. Wherever in the world you (and your partner) are, we are excited to welcome you, virtually, April 8-11.

Below, five current students—T’22s Joe Bourque, Elias Castro Orrego, Cuauhtemoc Trevino Martinez, Elizabeth Schechter, and Lindsay Cox—reflect back on their own ASW experiences.

"My ASW experience played a big role in my decision to choose Tuck. I applied to Tuck because of the personal, connected nature of the program, and I was very worried what impact the COVID-19 shutdown would have on this experience. Seeing the thoughtful nature of how the virtual ASW was conducted reassured me that the personal, connected aspects that drew me to Tuck originally would not suffer (and were a priority for the school). Tuck did the best job of allowing me to meet other admitted and current students, allowing me to get a true sense for what a virtual experience at Tuck would be like, and left me excited to begin my Tuck journey."
—Joe Bourque T’22

"When I got admitted to Tuck, I was very excited to come to Hanover for the Admitted Student Week (ASW). Finally, for obvious reasons, the event was virtual, and my expectations were not very high. However, Tuck did an excellent job, and it was this event that convinced me that Tuck was the best school for me. The interaction with admissions, faculty, and especially with my future classmates was essential to making me feel part of this incredible and unique community from that point on."
—Elias Castro Orrego ‘T22

"As someone who was planning on having the MBA experience together with my wife, ASW became the best glimpse at how life as an MBA couple would look like. We attended the events organized both by Tuckies and Tuck Partners, who were enthusiastic at the prospect of getting to know us better and having us as future neighbors in Sachem Village. The tight-knit community for which Tuck is highly praised really surpassed my expectations, as they all went the extra mile to make sure we had all the information we needed, and even offered their assistance to help us with arrival logistics and getting all settled. All in all, the conversations with the various student club chairs, professors providing iconic sample lectures, and the welcoming words from Dean Slaughter resonated strongly with me, confirming my decision of joining this amazing community."
—Cuauhtemoc Trevino Martinez T’22

"Virtual ASW was a great way for me to learn more about Tuck in an open and laid back way. I loved that I got to meet other people in my class and know some people before getting to campus in the fall. It helped answer a lot of my questions such as where I should live and how I should be preparing for school. It was also a great opportunity for my partner to learn more about Tuck and connect with other students and their partners as well."
—Elizabeth Schechter T’22

"One of the reasons I chose Tuck is its close-knit, supportive community of genuinely good people. Meeting my future classmates at ASW gave me a sense for what being a part of that community would be like. The virtual meet-ups let me start meeting my classmates, and I actually met some of my best friends (and my roommate!) at Tuck through one of those virtual meet-ups! It was a lot of fun to come into Tuck Launch having already made meaningful connections with a few of my classmates."
—Lindsay Cox T’22

Register for the 2021 Admitted Students Weekend by visiting the official admitted students site!