Apr 23, 2012

Home is where the dorm is . . .

By Pete. T'13

One great thing about Tuck is the living, learning community. As a single Tuckie (or one without a TP up in Hanover), you have the opportunity to live on campus in the dorms your first year. I never thought that after I left the dorms in undergrad, I would find myself living back in a dorm room, nor did I think I would ever want to live back in a dorm room. However, I love living in the dorms. First of all, it certainly helps that my dorm room has a sleep number bed and my own bathroom.  All of the student dorm rooms were built in 2000 or 2008 and are gorgeous. Plus, during the winter, I never have to walk outside in the cold due to the underground tunnels that connect all of the Tuck buildings.

Second, it is great having so many awesome people around you all the time. If I need help in my corporate finance class, I can simply walk next door. If I need a break from work I can walk to the lounge where I am likely to find classmates watching a football or hockey game (depending on season) or having a glass of wine. It is a truly unique opportunity and another reason the community is so tight and special at Tuck.

For people who do not want to live in the dorms or for those that have partners/families, there is also great off-campus housing. Many Tuckies take advantage of Sachem Village (often called “Pleasantville”). Sachem is where a lot of the Tuckies with Tuck Partners live and of course the Tiny Tuckies. Although I don’t live there, I do visit and it is another awesome part of the Tuck community.
I will be sad to leave the dorms next year (my attempt to create an RA program did not work out), but I am excited to experience the Upper Valley in a Tuck house that is passed down every year.