Feb 15, 2016

#IAmTuck: A Day in the Life of Anne T’11

Every month, a student or alum takes over the Tuck School Instagram to show their week or day in the life.  Here's what a typical day at Amazon is like for Anne Carrihill T'11.

Anne Carrihill T'11 manages the Instock team for Amazon's Pets category which covers supply chain, operations, and inventory planning for anything your pet could ever want. She's been at Amazon for the last 4 years, following a career in finance and strategy. She lives in Seattle with her husband Colin (a T'12), TinyTuckie Madeline (hopefully a D'32), and their large dog Cecil. She spends a lot of her time outside as she says the Pacific Northwest has unending adventures. Her favorites include hiking and skiing in the North Cascades.

I am excited to take over the Tuck Instagram account today for a "Day in the Life" as an alum at Amazon in Seattle. To kick off the day, TinyTuckie Madeline and Cecil the Dog gave a cheer!
It's a sunny Friday here at Amazon. Heading into the Apollo building in our South Lake Union campus...
First meeting of the day is with Derrick Deese T'12. We are basically career twins. Q4 at Amazon is filled with fun, energy, and holiday cheer. Tuckies like to stay fully engaged with our Tuck water bottles, coffee (we are in Seattle after all), and, from time to time, we indulge in our own version of glentuck.
Amazon's Tuck Dogs are hard at work today. Dogs are always welcome and add unpredictable excitement around the office. John Boomgard T'12's Loki is in charge at Fulfillment by Amazon (Note, he chewed his dog bed immediately following this very well behaved picture). Sara Malcolm T'14's dog Lola is an honorary member of the Retail Leadership Development Program, and currently hard at work in Office Products!
It's time for the Pets daily meeting on holiday planning. We have dress-up days on Fridays during Q4. Today is Seattle Grunge / Flannel Day! We also decorated our area as a dog house. Kristiana Helmick T'98, Pets category general manager, and I are here showing off our decorations!
At the end of the day, tuckies still love getting together to reminisce on the great times had at Tuck. Whether hockey, fall A, or hanging in stell, we loved our time at Tuck and the same at Amazon! Here is a representation of T'98-T'15s at Amazon that we snagged in our campus Living Room (complete with fireplace) this afternoon!
Lindsey Drake T'11 and her TinyTuckie read a book together at the new Amazon book store in Seattle's University Village. We met at the kick-off at Admitted Students Weekend in '09. It has been wonderful to be reunited again at Amazon!
The day has come to a close here at Amazon. Signing off from Seattle. Hope you got a glimpse into the tuckie-filled adventures we have ongoing at Amazon! Thanks for following along for my "Day in a Life"!