Jun 01, 2016

#IAMTUCK: A Day in the Life of Berny T’08

Bernardo (Berny) Barrera T'08, is a managing partner in a boutique consulting firm: Growth & Profit Consulting ( based in Monterrey, Mexico which serves private businesses throughout the country. Bernardo is also a visiting professor at IPADE's MBA in Monterrey and Mexico City, where he teaches Case Analysis (AGM equivalent). He is married to Caty Elizondo TP'08, who is now the admissions market rep for Tuck in Mexico, and together they have 3 wonderful kids: Santiago (5), Benjamin (4), and Amanda (1). Bernardo likes sports, particularly football (soccer), movies, and has become a fan of audiobooks. He likes to read about Philosophy, Education, Justice, and Behavioral Economics; which learned about in MDM during his time at Tuck.

Berny recently took over the Tuck School Instagram to share what a typical day in the life is for him at Growth & Profit Consulting. 

Hi all! Berny here taking over... Although this pic is from yesterday (sorry, couldn't get the school to reschedule their Christmas festival), I wanted to share it for my #DayInTheLife. Family is important, and this was clear for us since our time at Tuck - where Caty (my wife in background) always was involved and welcomed. Happy wife is a happy life can be translated to happy family (but harder to rhyme!). I'm lucky to be able to design a work-life balance where I can live important moments with my kids, like their 8 am festival. More on the implications of this with consulting later on!

My favorite corner in the office - our library - which has books, that some say have even been read. Proudly wearing a #Tuckstuff belt. There is a section on behavioral economics, which I first learned about in MDM class with the late Professor Kent Womack. Learning about behavioral biases and our own subjectivity has helped me better understand the people behind the tupical business dynamics and how to better help them.

At GPC, we have Office Taco Friday! Although this isn't a scheme to conquer the world as in Lego Movie, it's a chance to relax for a while and have a good breakfast taco. On the right side pic, we're having our end of year calibration for people evaluation, development, and bonuses. I always say that some of the best Tuck teachings come from access to leadership positions outside of the classroom. As soccer captains in the Tuck MBA World Cup, we had difficult conversations on how to build the team - there were 40+ people interested in a 20 person team. What was important? Winning? Inclusiveness? Balance! It's harder to put in practice though, where we try to keep a focus on constructive development.

Lunch at home with the family! Note the Murphy's painting in the back (2008 facade) - a graduation present from our good friend from Argentina T08 Antonio Zavalia. This type of scene is part of the balance we seek in our office culture. Maybe we'll go a little slower, charge a little less, but individually we'll be more complete persons.

We also have clients, who listen to our advice, particularly when we manage to grow a halo. This happens when our ideas are brilliant, but more frequently when light reflects off the whiteboard in the right direction. #HolyAdvice

That's it for today! It was great sharing the experience. And what better way to end the day than with a "Posada" - Literally "Inn" in English, a Catholic Christmas tradition in Mexico, recalling Jesus's birth. But what it really means for everyone here is: Party! From all of us here at GPC, Happy Holidays! If you want to chat: @bernybar. Signing off before things get out of hand. Thanks for following along today! #IAmTuck