May 02, 2016

#IAMTUCK: A Day in the Life of Erin T’15

Erin Ruhf T'15, a native of Virginia, lives in Chicago with her boyfriend Rob, a T'15, and their kitten Gili. Erin is the director of business development at The Eastman Egg Company—a startup restaurant group specializing in artisanal sandwiches. She received her BS at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce and worked as an investment banker at Houlihan Lokey prior to attending Tuck. While at Tuck, Erin interned with Brooks Running in Seattle, where she combined her interest in corporate strategy with her love of running. Her other interests include traveling, "attempting to cook," and promoting financial literacy in public education.

Erin recently took over the Tuck School Instagram to share what a typical day in the life is for her at Eastman in Chicago.

Greetings from the Windy City! I'm excited to share my day with you and show you what my life after Tuck looks like at The Eastman Egg Company. This morning Gili helped me decide how to best layer up for the cold. I worked at TuckStuff - a student operated store - and have plenty of options to choose from. I love getting to show my Tuck pride every morning on my way to work!

First stop of the day was a catering delivery. It's not what most people expect to do post-MBA, but I love it! Being at a young company means getting to wear a lot of different hats at multiple levels of the organization. I especially enjoy running deliveries since it gives me a chance firsthand to meet our customers and get direct feedback about where we are winning and where we need to tweak our model to improve.

Deliveries are done, now it's my turn to eat! At Tuck I spent a lot of time studying sustainable development, particularly as it applies to the food chain. At Eastman I have the opportunity to directly apply the knowledge that I gained - we source from local vendors such as Slagel Family Farm and La Farine bakery for our tasty sandwiches. Today I went with The Doc - you can't go wrong with farm fresh eggs, bacon, and cheese on fluffy ciabatta!

Taking a break from the office by going to check out our food truck. Eastman was started as a truck by a Chicago Booth student and since then we have expanded to two brick & mortar stores as well as a coffee bar. Part of my business development role is identifying future markets for our stores - any suggestions??

Afternoon coffee breaks are so much more fun when Tuckies stop by! Rob Franklin T'15, works nearby at Bain & Company and generously offered to help me taste test coffee this afternoon from our new partner Irving Farm. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. That's a wrap for my day. Time to kick back with Gili and start dreaming about what I'll have for breakfast Monday. Have a great weekend and thanks for following along!