Aug 08, 2018

Round 1 Ready: 6 Things for Your Tuck To-Do List

Six weeks until Tuck’s Round 1 deadline (September 24) and six things to make sure you’re checking off your list. 

1. Learn what our new admissions criteria are all about.

Not only are smart, nice, accomplished, and aware descriptors of a Tuck student, they’re also exactly what we’ll be looking for when reading and discussing your applications. You might just want to bookmark this page.

2. Take the GMAT or GRE.

Were you disappointed in your GMAT/GRE outcome based on higher practice test scores? Did you score below the average at your target schools? Yes, you can demonstrate to us that you're smart outside of the GMAT/GRE (and you should). But if you answered yes to either of those questions, and have the resources available for a retake, why not give it a shot?

If you crushed it the first time arounds, that’s awesome. Now you can turn your focus toward other areas of the application.

3. Get to know us (and all the schools you’re targeting).

We’re on the road and hopefully in a location near you. Talk to admissions staff at Tuck Info Sessions, often hosted and attended by Tuck alums. Join us at Forte Forums and Consortium MAPS events. Meet up with Tuck Student Ambassadors for an informal “coffee chat” and hear how they’re thriving at and contributing to Tuck.

We also encourage you to join us for an online event, read the Tuck 360: MBA Blog (as you are right now!), and check out student and alumni stories on the website. Get to know Tuck by getting to know our community; whether that’s through Tuck Connections, reaching out to a student leader, or connecting with MBAs in your own network.

We’re not going to admit you because you came to enough events, or talked to enough “Tuck people.” We’re also not going to deny you because you didn’t. But engaging with us will likely strengthen your application anyway. Doing so will allow you to better articulate how the Tuck MBA can help you reach your goals and how your individuality will add to the fabric of Tuck. Really getting to know the programs you’re applying to will also help ensure you end up in the place that best challenges and supports you.

4. Watch the webinar, “A Walk through the Tuck Application.”

This one is simple. Don’t pass up an opportunity to learn more about Tuck’s application and get further insight from ad com.

5. Talk to your targeted recommenders.

Make sure you’re giving them plenty of time so they can write a positive and thoughtful letter of reference. If you’re shooting for Round 1, we’re only about a month and a half from September 24. Now is the time! You can peek at what we’re asking them, here. Surprise: Their questions are focused on smart, nice, accomplished, and aware, too.

We also suggest having a (verbal) conversation with your references that will help them understand what you hope to highlight in your application, why you’re pursuing an MBA, and why you’re applying to Tuck. You might even remind them of some recent projects or accomplishments.

Put a reminder on your calendar to check in with them as the application deadline approaches. Your application is not complete until we have received both LORs.

6. Plan a time to visit (and interview).

One of the best ways to learn about an MBA program and get a feel for the culture, is to visit campus. Tuck allows all applicants (yes, all applicants) to self-initiate an official admissions interview, as long as you’re able to do it on campus, in Hanover. This guarantees the opportunity to tell your story, face-to-face with an admissions rep (great for helping to illustrate qualities like nice and aware). If you’re not able to make it, that’s ok! After an initial review of your application, if we want to learn more, we’ll invite you to interview either on campus or virtually. 

Even outside of the scheduled visit day (class, lunch, tour, Q&A), just being a part of our community for a few hours is valuable as you complete your application and ultimately, decide which community you want to be a part of for the next two years and the rest of your life as an alum.

Interview registration is open and on-campus interviews will begin at the end of August. It’s a first-come, first-served process so don’t procrastinate (or at least be open to a Wednesday visit).

As always, we're all about helping you live that stress-free (or at least limited-stress) MBA application life. If you have questions about this list or anything else, feel free to leave a comment or reach out to us directly. Application deadlines, applicant-initiated interview deadlines, and admissions decision release dates, can all be found here.