Feb 21, 2012


By Pete. T'13

Thank God It’s SKIDAY! As I am sure many of you know, most business schools do not have classes on Fridays. So although I do recommend treating business school as a full-time job (creating a schedule of work hours, allocate time efficiently to different projects, finish work by deadlines, etc. etc.), there is one thing that does not coincide with the actual “real” working world and that is three day weekends! So what is a young, future business leader to do when the rest of the world is diligently working in their cubicle to create a financial model for the next investment banking deal? Well at Tuck, a common answer is . . . SKI!! Tuck is a mere 45 minutes away from the largest ski mountain in the northeast (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killington_Ski_Resort.)
And on top of that, students are able to purchase a season pass for just over $300 for the year. Heck of a deal!

That being said, Fridays are a great opportunity to hit the slopes. I have personally skied over a dozen days this season and although the snow has not been great this year, it has been a heck of a time. The Ski and Snowboard Club also hosts events during the year like Opening Day at Killington. This past Friday I ventured up with three friends and met up with various other groups of Tuckies to ski. Although joining up with the some of the European Tuckies on the mountain led to me barely making it down a double black diamond (but I survived and no broken bones!), generally speaking you can walk into the K-1 lodge and find a Tuckie or two enjoying a cup of hot chocolate or a cold beer. I can say that one of my Tuck “hangouts” is a ski mountain. Where else could this be true . . . only at Tuck!