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Sep 11, 2018

A Summer Internship with UNICEF

During his summer internship with UNICEF Charles Yen T'19 assisted the investment selection process for technology startups from developing markets...


Sep 21, 2017

The Evolving Media Landscape: An Internship with NPR

At NPR, Meghan T’18 learned more than she thought possible about the media industry, public media, nonprofits, and journalism.


Sep 12, 2017

“You Make a Life By What You Give”

Zoltan Czinkoczky T'18 spent his summer with the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation which awards nearly 40 million dollars in grants and...


Sep 11, 2017

A Summer Internship at Fisher-Price

For her summer internship, Caroline Stern T'18 knew she wanted three things: to work for a large public company, to...


Aug 31, 2017

Creating Impact Through A Venture Capital Firm

Working for the Maine Venture Fund during his summer internship, Joe Henderson T'18 was able to flex his newly developed...


Aug 10, 2017

Interning at Bridgewater With One Hand in My Pocket

"There has not been a single day when I did not doubt myself. The pain has been immense—but so h...


Jul 28, 2017

What Summer Looks Like for a Tuck Partner

No matter where the summer takes them, the consensus among TPs is that the season is to be embraced.