Jul 29, 2014

Top 10 Things You May Not Know About Tuck: #10 - #6

#10 – 70.9%

Our alumni are devoted to the school and demonstrably engaged in the school’s ongoing success. This year, over 70.9% of our alumni participated in the Tuck Annual Giving campaign – a figure more than double the average rate of other top business schools. And they give not only their money, but their time. Tuck students become part of a powerful alumni network that gives them a lifetime ROI.

#9 – Location, location, location.

Our location is a big advantage for Tuck students. For example, in career development: we have over 300 executives visit Tuck every year. And when they come, they stay. Our students are able to meet with them during office hours, discuss cases with them in class, and talk with them over dinner. Our location encourages close connections within the class, between students and faculty, and in the community. The quality of interaction in Hanover is rich and rewarding.

#8 – We’re #1.

Tuck was the first graduate management school in the world. The same qualities that made us a forerunner in graduate management education still motivate us today: the drive to prepare business leaders, the confidence to dive into new endeavors, and the emphasis on the student experience. And, as part of Dartmouth College, we have the abundant resources of a top Ivy League institution at our fingertips.

#7 – Nice; too nice.

Our graduates are nice. They know how to work and play well with others. They’re high achieving, absolutely, and they know how to get the job done, but they’re also collaborative, not overly competitive. Why? Because over the course of two years in our close-knit environment, working in study groups and on numerous team projects, they learn how to work together, disagree, and get things done.

#6 – You run into the most interesting people while getting coffee.

I just said good morning to John Lynch, the former New Hampshire Governor, on my way to get coffee. One of our incoming T’16s had lunch with Governor Lynch the other day. I regularly see faculty like Matt Slaughter chatting with students in the cafeteria, Ron Adner talking with a current Tuckie as they walk down the hallway, and Leslie Robinson catching up with a student in Stell Hall. Our faculty is talented, diverse, and interested in getting to know you.

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