Jul 31, 2014

Top 10 Things You May Not Know About Tuck: #5 - #1

#5 – This is a great place to embrace the seasons.

Yes, you’ve heard that it can get cold in New Hampshire. It does. But, while winter is a season to get through in New York or Chicago (and doesn’t really exist in LA), here it’s a season we embrace. Tuck Winter Carnival, Occom Pond skating, the Dartmouth Skiway, and tripod hockey are just some of the ways we enjoy the season.

But Hanover is so much more. Spring brings running season into full swing, starting with Tuck’s AFAA 5/10K Veteran’s run and the Run for the Kids, moving to the Covered Bridge Half Marathon in early June, all the way through the CHaD Half Marathon in the fall. Crystal clear summer skies mean it’s time to swim, kayak, or sail on one of the area’s numerous lakes and the Connecticut River, or time to pick fresh berries at Cedar Circle Farm or Super Acres. With the return of the crisp fall air, you can enjoy the most gorgeous display of red, orange, and gold found in nature as the leaves change, plus enjoy apple picking at Poverty Lane Orchards or hiking in the White Mountains.

#4 – Our students are going places.

Tuck students travel the world. Last year, Learning Expeditions took students to Singapore, Vietnam, Israel, Brazil, South Africa, and Japan. Students taking the Tuck Global Consultancy elective have led consulting projects in places like Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Switzerland, the UK, Brazil, Spain, China, Uruguay, India, Turkey, Australia, and Belgium, just to name a few. The First-Year Project, a capstone of the first year at Tuck, has taken students to study sustainable aquaculture in Madagascar, a health clinic on a Native American reservation in North Dakota, and social entrepreneurship in Guatemala.

#3 – Our alumni are going places too.

Our 9,500 current alumni live in over 65 countries around the world. 70% of our alums reach top management positions in their respective fields. And with the backing of our superlative alumni network, our current students know that they’ll have contacts no matter where their career aspirations take them.

#2 – The Box, Latitude Six-Six, and more.

Our alumni are entrepreneurs and it starts during their time at Tuck. The Dartmouth community now enjoys great Mediterranean cuisine from our new food truck, The Box, started by recent alums Eric Winn and Mike Parshley during their two years here. Sam Alexander (T’14) began Latitude Six-Six, an adventure travel company, while at Tuck, winning second place in the Dartmouth Ventures Conference entrepreneurship competition. Tuck alums Tim Healy and David Brewster had two employees for their start-up EnerNOC when they graduated in 2002. By the time EnerNOC went public in 2007, they had 100 employees and $26 million in revenues. Gretchen Wallace, T’01, founder of Global Grassroots, started her entrepreneurial work during her time at Tuck, helping to launch what eventually became Tuck’s Center for Business and Society.

#1 – We’re interested in getting to know you.

Who you are is important in our community and it starts before you even walk in the door. I already mentioned how much access you’ll have to executives, faculty, and classmates. It’s true in the admissions process as well. In a survey of applicants, AIGAC ranked Tuck Admissions first in how well we get to know you. We have an interview policy that allows you to schedule an interview, not just wait for an invitation. And yes, we still have admission essays – not because we want you to jump through hoops, but because we want to hear your story.

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