Jan 15, 2019

Tuck Admissions Insights: What Makes Tuck Distinct

By Luke Anthony Peña

Tuck’s Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Luke Anthony Peña shares insight in to the student experience in this video interview with Menlo Coaching. Luke shares insight into what makes the community at Tuck distinctive, the academic experience, and the student career journey. Watch the video for:

  1. A view into what makes Tuck’s community distinctive
  2. Stories demonstrating how far Tuck students will go to support each other
  3. The relationships that students are able to build with their professors
  4. Information on electives and opportunities for independent study
  5. Highlights of recruiting opportunities from Tuck
  6. A glimpse into how alumni and Career Services support you with recruiting

Continue to part 2: Right Fit for Tuck.

Luke Anthony Peña Interview