Feb 26, 2012

Unexpected Help in the Recruiting Process

By Laura T'13

The on-campus recruiting process was definitely a whirlwind.  There were so many companies coming on campus, so many of my fellow classmates in suits, and so much extra stress around campus.  Luckily, this period is over.  Not so luckily, I didn’t get an internship offer.  I went through a few rounds of interviews with several companies and was disappointed not to come away with an offer.  But, one of the things I love about Tuck is the strong connection the alumni have to the school and the ways in which many alumni will go to bat for other Tuckies.  
During the interview process, I connected well with two Tuck alums I interviewed with.  Each worked at a different company, and each also reached out to me: one before second round interviews, one after the second round to tell me their decision.  Both of these Tuckies spent time talking with me about how I can improve my candidacy, how I can get the most out of Tuck, and both are helping me further my internship search now.  I’ve received multiple contacts and connections from them.  One is sending out my resume to other people who might have available positions.  Both have offered to talk further if I need support or advice.  These people have very busy full-time jobs, but take the extra time to help out someone that won’t even be coming to their company. That is what Tuck is about to me: a strong community of people who really care and who will look out and support another Tuckie, even when they won’t receive anything in return.  I really appreciate the extra effort these Tuckies have put into my off-campus recruiting process.  Both have mentally helped me get past the disappointment of not receiving an offer and pushed me to get back into attack mode to start contacting other companies and alumnae.   
Though I wish I already had an internship lined up, I’m grateful for this supportive community to help me through the process.  Now onto the off campus recruiting process, where I will hopefully be able to find a more tailored internship that will value my “non-traditional” background and will help me gain the skills I need moving forward.