May 01, 2012

VG and the $300 House

By Pete. T'13

I just wanted to highlight another one of the great members of the Tuck Faculty. Although I have not taken one of VG’s classes yet, I am looking forward to enrolling in his elective next year, Implementing Strategy.  The following is an excerpt from an email sent out to the Tuck Community.

“VG Govindarajan has garnered major international recognition of late for two major projects.  First is the $300 House project aimed at helping the world’s poor. His efforts and that of his team have been cited in over 35 major publications, and the prototype for the house will be constructed in Haiti in the next several months. 

In addition his latest book with co-author Chris Trimble, “Reverse Innovation: Create Far From Home, Win Everywhere” has been receiving huge global recognition and is currently ranked on several best seller lists including: #1 WSJ hardcover business, #3 WSJ hardcover, and #7 New York Times.”

The $300 is an amazing project. I encourage you to check it out here . It all started with an HBR blog and is now an ongoing project started at Tuck and Dartmouth College.  The project is just one of the many ideas to come from Tuck’s leading thinkers!