Mar 07, 2012

White Cliffs

I finally handed in my last term paper of Winter Term on Monday afternoon - there's only one term left in my Tuck career, and fewer than 100 days until graduation!

My goal for Spring Term is to complete a triathlon. It's kind of a big deal to me. But just to prove that, at Tuck, there's always someone doing something much more impressive than you, I met a classmate in the Dartmouth pool yesterday who is training to swim the English Channel this summer! While I pat myself on the back for swimming a few hundred meters and cycling a few miles, he is hammering out 8,000 meters each day, six days per week - and that will increase as his training develops. Why bother? "It's something I've always wanted to do and I thought: What better time to train for it than in my last term at business school and the summer before starting work?" Wow. He will move to Dover in July and do the 35 kilometer swim in August.

I'll be thinking of him as I lay in my hammock next week looking into the Pacific waters off the Nicaraguan coast, sipping on cocktails.

What am I looking forward to in my final term at Tuck?

Academically, four classes:
- Corporate Responsibility with Professor Argenti, whose class I enjoyed in Fall A;
- Communicating With Impact, a class on applying dramatic techniques to the management of verbal communication - should be interesting;
- Managerial Accounting - which I took in 2002, but remember little of, and for which I've heard the professor is excellent;
- Financial Statement Analysis and Interpretation - another quant-heavy class, but another highly recommended professor, so I'll take my chances.

- Many festivities as we cling on to the last days of our time in Hanover, culminating in Disorientation (a three week period between classes ending and graduation);
- Duke's MBA Rugby World Cup. Tuck has finished sixth for the past two years and the weekend is the social highlight of many people's time at business school;
- Golf - and plenty of it (including the Tuck Lundy tournament). I am watching the snow melt drip from the rooftop outside the window of my study as I write, and have a lesson at the indoor driving range tomorrow. Hanover Country Club offers a $300 spring season membership, with unlimited tee times;
- Frosty Jester and Tuck Follies - the comedy and musical shows, respectively;
- The New Jersey Devilman triathlon (May 5th).

I'll be in no shape for swimming the Channel at the end of it all, but it's going to be good fun!