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Social, Service, Special Interest

Adam Smith Society
The Adam Smith Society is a nationwide, chapter-based association of MBA students and business leaders who work to promote on campus debate and discussion about the moral, social, and economic benefits of capitalism.
Leadership - Joe Gladow, Caleb Dorfman

Business and Politics Club
The Business and Politics Club (BPC) provides Tuck students with a forum to discuss issues at the intersection of business, politics, and public policy.
Leadership - Hugo Naulot, Joe Gladow, Mickey Julian, Jeremy Wano

Our mission is to provide an experimental and educational cheese experience within the Tuck community.
Leadership - Emma Sapat; Christie Harrison; Maria King; Clarke Gottwald

Data Analytics Club
The Tuck Data Analytics Club (TDAC) is a student-run organization that provides students and their partners with opportunities to enhance skills in data analysis.
Leadership - Dakota LaFee, Will Maness, Chris Tam, Gaurav Mittal

Glen Tuck Society
Glen Tuck is a whiskey, scotch, and bourbon appreciation society. In addition to weekly tastings, we hold three all-school events featuring premium spirits and live jazz.
Leadership - Matt TierneyChandler LusardiClaire DalmanTom Grojean

John Barleycorn Society
Tuck's craft beer appreciation society. Enjoying, tasting and learning about microbrewed, imported, and homebrewed beer with many exciting events and trips throughout the year.
Leadership - Kurt Buchbinder, Scott Nelson, Nina Limaye, Franco Coria

Literati is Tuck's book club. We promote reading for pleasure and intellectual fitness outside of class.
Leadership - Lavi Aggarwal, Anne Bozik, Jackson Wilbur

Leadership - David Cantwell, Angelo Curto, Leilah Jo, Lior Zaum

Tuck Band
The Tuck Band is comprised solely of current Tuck students and provides live entertainment at dance parties throughout the year!
Leadership - William P. (Will) Geyer

Tuck Community Consulting
Tuck Community Consulting provides free consulting to local nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. The club is entirely student managed and staffed, and provides students the opportunity to use their skills and give back to the community.
Leadership - Montaseer Rahman; Will Maness; Sarthak Vaish; Alvin Li; Stuart Price

Tuck Film Society
A place where Tuckies can bond through an appreciation of film and art. Through film screenings focused on specific themes, cultures, and social events, we aim to not only entertain but also to challenge students by exposing them to new and unique perspectives.
Leadership - Anish MoreKyle Trehub

Tuck Game Club
The Tuck Game Club aims to provide inclusive and casual opportunities to play all sorts of games: strategy board games, card games, tile games, and even video games!
Leadership - Michael RoubeyWill GeyerNathan Farrar; Stylianos Chasapopoulos

Tuck Mentors (formerly known as DPIN)
Tuck Mentors is an organization dedicated to empowering undergraduate and MBA students to build a meaningful professional network across the Dartmouth community.
Leadership - Sammi Drivas; Erukana Kazibwe; Elisabeth Sum; Alex Ji

Tuck Outdoor Club
The Tuck Outdoor Club aims to serve as a hub to enable Tuckies to enjoy their beautiful surroundings in the Upper Valley/Northeast.
Leadership - Katherine Britt; Jack Kornfeld; Maria Mastanduno; Willem Sandberg

Tuck Partners
Leadership - Mike Blatt; Michelle Grojean

Tuck Public Speaking Club
Tuck Public Speaking Club provides a comfortable setting to practice your public speaking skills and to better get to know your classmates.
Leadership - Raj Chourasia

Tuck Student Board
The purpose of the Tuck Student Board is to serve as the voice of the student body at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, work with Tuck’s administration in all matters affecting the student body, and foster leadership development for its members.

TuckStuff is a student-managed retail business selling Tuck branded apparel and gifts. We manage both a retail location (201 Byrne Hall) as well as an e-commerce platform (tuckstuff.com).
Leadership - Dennis Gallagher, Amy Liu, Remi Ontilo, Sammi Drivas, Martha O'Neill, Liz Hanson

Tuck Sustains
Tuck Sustains is a club that supports student projects and initiatives related to sustainability.
Leadership - Akash Srivastava; Colin Cinder; Jim McLoughlin; Katrina Keay

Tuck Veterans Club
We are a community of U.S. and foreign graduate students committed to providing resources and support to veterans at Tuck and their families through integration, recruitment, and veterans’ networking initiatives.
Leadership - Sarah Blatt; Jesse Chen
Admissions Liaisons - Wen Barker; Paul Dell'Isola; Blaine Williams; Tom Dunne

Tuck Volunteers
Leadership - Alex Mullin, Anna Douglas

Tuck Wine Club
Tuck Wine Club is a wine appreciation society with the mission of bringing the joy of wine to Tuck! We host wine nights in each term open to all Tuck students and partners. In addition, we also run smaller tastings/education sessions throughout the year.
Leadership - Shayda Teymourpour; Liz Calby; Sarah Blatt; Arleen Chien; Saachi Shah

Tuck Women in Business
Tuck Women in Business (WIB) provides an inclusive community to inspire, support, and enable women through social and career events.
Leadership - Nina Limaye, Ling Yin, Liz Hanson, Bhawna Morwani, Sammi Drivas, Deepika Bhargo, Saachi Shah, Anna Vaughn, Jane Maglaque, Melisa Aslan, Samantha Liles