Dartmouth and AUK Cooperation Expands to Tuck’s Strategy Consulting Expertise

Multifaceted cooperation engages Tuck MBAs in long-term planning exercise for AUK's College of Business and Economics.

Multifaceted cooperation engages Tuck MBAs in long-term planning exercise for the American University of Kuwait's College of Business and Economics.

During the 2016-17 academic year, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth will engage with the American University of Kuwait (AUK) by sending Tuck students to Kuwait as part of Tuck's OnSite Global Consulting program. The team will work for AUK, researching and recommending methods to enhance the current business and economics curriculum, and conducting market studies to determine demand for growth and expansion in AUK business and economics offerings.

“We are eager to welcome the Tuck MBA students to our university and benefit from the experience and perspective they can offer in our strategic planning process,” said Nizar Hamzeh, president of the American University of Kuwait. “AUK has a well-established undergraduate business program and is currently under consideration for accreditation by the AACSB program—we believe the in-depth research and strategic guidance the Tuck team provides will build nicely on our foundation of quality education and drive us even further in that direction.” Dean Jin Wang of AUK's College of Business and Economics added, “We are committed to continuous improvement and to preparing our students to envision and serve domestic, regional, and international needs. Tuck and AUK can learn from one another.”

Matthew Slaughter, dean of the Tuck School of Business, commented, “As we prepare future global business leaders at Tuck, nothing is more critical than hands-on experience engaging with other cultures. The launch of TuckGO this year ensures that all Tuck students have an immersive global business experience in a country new to them moving forward. We are proud to provide experiences like these in partnership with schools like AUK, who are leaders in important global markets."

In addition to sending Tuck MBAs to Kuwait for consulting purposes, TuckGO will welcome two AUK student interns in the summer of 2016. The students will work with the various TuckGO international programs and participate in educational seminars to gain exposure to the operations of an American graduate business school. Dale F. Eickelman, Lazarus Professor of Anthropology and relationship coordinator for the Dartmouth-American University of Kuwait Program, added, “The Dartmouth-AUK program has welcomed interns since 2005. The addition of AUK internships for students at Tuck in 2016 is a first for both institutions, and a first step toward exploring other cooperative possibilities.” Beth Hindmarsh, Dartmouth-AUK program coordinator, added, “This collaboration with Tuck adds an exciting dimension to the offerings we have for AUK students who come to Dartmouth in the summer.”

OnSite Global Consulting is a core offering of Tuck's global programming. The course offers a wide range of international consulting services to corporations, not-for-profits, and governments where additional resources and strategic support are needed. Projects are short-term (10-12 weeks), highly focused, and concentrate on delivering immediate solutions to specific operational and business development challenges. OnSite is one of the programs central to the TuckGO global initiative at Tuck.

Dartmouth and the American University of Kuwait have formally collaborated since 2003, one year before AUK welcomed its first class of students. Since then, the partnership has deepened, enhancing the liberal arts learning experience on both campuses. AUK faculty conduct research in Hanover, Dartmouth and AUK students participate in an internship exchange, and faculty and staff from the two schools share expertise on academic and administrative projects.