Markets Professor Ing-Haw Cheng Named to Best 40 List

Nominated by Tuck students, Ing-Haw Cheng is celebrated on Poets & Quants’ 2018 “40 Best Business Professors Under 40” list.

Described by students as an “intellectual steam engine” and known for his positivity and ability to artfully explain complex ideas, Tuck’s Ing-Haw Cheng, assistant professor of business administration, is among the top young professors on Poets & Quants’ annual “40 under 40” list released today.

Poets & Quants reports that nominations for the 2018 list of professors hit an all-time high, with nearly 800 submissions for 91 individual professors.

Cheng teaches courses such as Capital Markets and Futures & Options Markets. For students coming to Tuck without prior experience in finance, his patience and desire to see students learn stands out. “Capital Markets was like learning a foreign language for me,” says Catherine Boysen T’18. “Because of Professor Cheng’s enthusiasm and dedication to teaching clearly, I could speak that language in just nine weeks. He appreciated which concepts would be most difficult, and he made those days’ classes as clear and as engaging as they could be.”

“It’s the ‘aha!’ moments that every instructor lives for,” admits Cheng. He says that matching the energy of both the Tuck students and his colleagues is what motivates him each day. “The enthusiasm the students bring each year to campus is palpable and inspiring—it keeps you on your toes. Talking every day with my colleagues helps me identify weaknesses in research ideas and improve them.”

Cheng was recently recognized as “Best Discussant” by the Financial Research Association, and in 2016 he received the Distinguished Referee Award from The Review of Financial Studies in recognition of his excellence in reviewing research papers within his field. He is currently researching how investors can use financial derivatives to hedge their portfolios against stock market volatility, and also how consumers who are late on their credit card balances fare when they negotiate with debt collectors.

What does success look like for Professor Cheng in the future?

“If I can continue to influence the world through my research and benefit my students through my teaching, I’ll call that a win.”

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