Tuckies Gain International Experience with Consulting Projects around the World

Tuck OnSite Global Consulting students are making the world a better place.

With more than 194 projects in over 50 countries—and counting—Tuck OnSite Global Consulting students have been making the world a better place since 1997.

Here, in their own words, are quick snapshots of seven such projects that teams of Tuck second-years worked on over last Winter Break (including Tokyo, above).


Felizia Bacall T’15, Katherine Gray T’15, and Hyon Bae Park T’15

Our client was a startup that designs, builds, and operates renewable energy solutions in Southeast Asia. Our project was to evaluate crowdfunding as a means for them to not only get financing, but also to generate buzz and advocacy for their company.

Reading about foreign exchange risk or different cultural approaches to management in a case is illuminating, but living and breathing these—and many other—issues has made us more thoughtful and globally-minded. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to get to work, travel, and live with six of your classmates (shown above) and we are much more flexible, resourceful, and culturally aware because of it. Not only did we become better global leaders, but also closer friends, too.


Pablo Segovia Smith T’15
We went to China to help an American multinational understand the drivers of successful sales growth and the roadmap they had to follow to sell better through the local resources they had in country: channel partners and direct salesmen.

Having real hands-on experiences in remote countries help you apply what you have learned in business school while working and having fun with a great set of friends, and getting to know amazing cultures and countries.


Deirdre Garrahan T’15

We worked with an orphan-care nonprofit to develop a model that successfully transitions their family units (kids and mothers) to self-sustaining independence as the kids become adults.

Global projects build cultural awareness in a concrete, lasting way. Working on a project in a different country and culture also builds up key communication skills and adaptability that are transferable to future job success in increasingly global work environments.


Chris Blaine T’15

A large investor in the global real estate market asked us to help them think through the most profitable course of action for them within a segment of the hospitality industry where they were considering greater investment.

The OnSite project provided a fantastic capstone Tuck’s experiential learning classes. In it, we had an opportunity to implement much of what we have been learning at Tuck—from project management, to team leadership, to client engagement—all in a different country with the support and guidance of a faculty member with expertise in the area.


Anna Gan Liu T’15
We did a market research project to make business model recommendations for a multinational healthcare company’s Japan office.

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected, and technology will only expedite the process of connecting individuals, markets, and countries. We, as future business leaders, need to prepare us with the competence to work with people from different cultural backgrounds and/or in different business environments.


Divya Belavadi T’15
Our project was aimed at trying to identify which industries within the Chinese market would be attractive sectors for our client to focus on in terms of business development. 

Projects like these are absolutely critical to the Tuck experience to teach students about how cultural differences and values play into the business environment and about how to be aware of how our own culture plays into our decision-making process. 


Mike Ryczkowski T’15
We were asked to answer a very open-ended question by our client: How could a bus operator in the capitol city of Montevideo increase bus ridership, despite a falling city population?

This has been one of the most amazing experiences ever and something I’m so happy to have been able to do as part of my time at Tuck.